14:55 GMT29 November 2020
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    Recent months have seen heated confrontations between Democrats and Republicans, as the two political groups clashed in a national election race for seats in the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House.

    Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, who is now being referred to by most mainstream US media outlets as US vice-president elect, was caught on camera extending her fist to GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, as they both arrived to the Senate to cast a vote.

    A video showing the two US Senators fistbumping with Graham also tapping Harris on the shoulder immediately went viral, with netizens praising the move as an apparent signal of political unity or, at least, civility.

    Some, however, argued that "there is no vice-president elect here", reminding other users that the official results of the US election are still to arrive.

    ​While some argued that being polite to colleagues is not breaking news, others admired the fact that two Senators from opposing parties demonstrated friendliness toward each other.

    People urged each other to be less prone to division, while some suggested that "it's all just a big private club".

    ​Some, however, argued that the move was "bad for the reputation" of both - with others immediately noted that it is okay and even classy to be polite to those with whom you disagree.

    ​Kamala Harris, along with her partner Joe Biden, has received congratulations from some world leaders and media figures on becoming the "vice-president elect" and "president-elect", respectively, although the official results of the US election will only be made clear in December.

    If elected, Harris will become the first Black and Asian woman to assume the office of US vice-president.


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