18:54 GMT01 December 2020
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    What can be better for a nice entertaining evening than grabbing your favourite snack and drinks to enjoy the show, especially when the show is a pivotal political moment for your nation - the presidential election.

    Google has revealed that among the most popular searches on US presidential election night were: "liquor store near me" and "fries near me". These searches, according to Google Trends, were joined by several "near me" options for different kinds of food, including "pizza", "Chinese food", "Mexican food" and "sushi". 

    On Tuesday evening, as the race for the Oval Office intensified, it seemed that food, drinks and election results were among the most popular things searched for with Google, according to the tech giant.

    ​The query "chinese food near me" even beat the "who won the election today" one.

    ​Google noted that "election" turned out to be the most searched term in the past 24 hours, and "live election results" became the top trending search.

    The voting for the next American president closed late Tuesday, marking the climax of the White House race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. As the vote counting is ongoing, the final result remains unknown.


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