08:21 GMT28 January 2020
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    The skit about the NATO squabbling came shortly after this week’s controversy at the alliance's summit in London, where leaked recordings showed world leaders giggling as they were purportedly taking jabs at Trump.

    Saturday Night Live has provided an unforgettable skit for its millions of viewers by spoofing a recent hot mic controversy at the NATO conference in London, where several heads of state, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, were overheard reportedly criticising President Trump.

    SNL's skit saw the Canadian prime minister played by Jimmy Fallon, who made a guest appearance in the sketch, while UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (James Corden), and French President Emmanuel Macron (Paul Rudd) join him at the “cool kids table” in the NATO cafeteria.

    As the sketch progresses, the global leaders repeatedly fidget over where to sit, while taunting President Trump and dropping some saucy remarks.

    Rudd as Macron then weighs in suggesting that they get something to eat or “maybe some wine” “because we are bad boys", he adds.

    This is the moment when Alec Baldwin appears as Trump, fuelling even greater squabbling, as the world leaders seek to shun his company.

    "He’s like dumber than Boris", Fallon’s Trudeau says of Trump, and Corden’s Johnson nods his head in agreement.

    “Those are my best friends", Baldwin’s Trump says ingenuously, apparently unaware of the fact that he was being jeered at by his “friends". "We run this place" he adds before realising that he is actually at the "loser table".

    However, the group appears to be a tad more favourably disposed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel played by Kate McKinnon, and Merkel is visibly pleased to be invited to the cool kids table.

    Close to the end of the sketch, Trump turns around to leave the cafeteria, as a piece of paper taped to his back catches an eye: “Impeach me", the imperative reads.

    There is also room for Melania Trump and a recent commercial celebrating Peloton, the exercise bike brand, which Melania openly advertises in the sketch before wishing herself a Merry Christmas.

    The comments section bellow respective news posts on Twitter has become swamped by memes and ROFLing emojis:

    “Thank you SNL, you guys are beyond AWESOME ALWAYS!” one wrote, while another exclaimed laughing:

    “First time Trump's appearance has been cheered by people not paid to be there.”

    “I was hoping you’d do a NATO thing. James Corden, Paul Rudd & Jimmy Fallon were inspired choices. The closing BeBest callback was perfect - I was waiting for it!" another wrote with gratitude for the fun SNL provided.

    Many heaped praise on the SNL actors nailing their characters in the skit:

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were recorded on video Wednesday standing together during the summit purportedly discussing in a mocking manner Trump's conduct in his news conferences, according to CBC, which earlier broke the news.

    Trump has labelled Trudeau "two-faced", suggesting that the documented dialogue was in response to Trump's demands that Canada fulfil its commitment to NATO by spending 2 percent of the nation's GDP on the military.

    Trump abruptly cancelled a closing news conference after the controversial footage with Trudeau, Johnson, and Macron ripping the US president started making the rounds on social media.


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