21:14 GMT08 August 2020
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    The recent call by the US Secretary of Defense for more boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria clearly shows who is “the boss in Washington”, who is “pulling the strings” in the White House and who has “the final say on everything in today’s America”, leaving the US president in the role of an obedient puppet, according to an American journalist.

    American journalist and analyst Martin Berger has recently been very critical of the US president and his administration.

    The recent statement by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to put more boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria, despite the repeated claims of President Obama that the US is not going to get involved in a new large-scale ground war, demonstrates who is “pulling the strings in the While House,” Berger says in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    “Ashton Carter’s statement is clearly showing us who’s the boss in Washington, since it’s the arms giants that have the final say on everything in today’s America, they are “pulling the strings”, leaving the role of an obedient puppet to the sitting US President,” he states.

    The author further declares that in an attempt to secure the so-called “American hegemony” with bayonets, Washington has been wasting one third of all military spending in the world on expensive weapons, instead of spending this money on the American people in a bid to improve their living conditions.

    He was particularly critical of Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who have been calling for an all-out assault on Syria and urging to triple the number of US military forces in Iraq along with sending a similar number of troops to Syria.

    “Graham went as far as offering a plan for the invasion of Syria, according to which up to 100,000 troops from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey were to be supported by roughly 10,000 American soldiers.”

    “Joint interventions of the US and Arab troops to Syria have been proposed before, especially by John McCain, who enjoys close ties with Saudi officials that he uses to profit from military contracts between the US and Saudi Arabia.”

    The author suggests that the “hidden puppeteers” are not simply convinced that they enjoy full control over the White House but of the entire world.

    “They have created their own coalition against ISIL (Daesh), carrying out military operations on the territories of sovereign states without any form of consent, in violation of Article 51 of the UN Charter [which] clearly prohibits such a course of actions without the decision of the UN Security Council,” he acknowledges.

    “And it is unlikely these “strong-willed” US officials would care to obtain the consent of Iraq or Syria to launch a new military assault on them, assuming that the UN and its Security Council is a useless relic that can easily be ignored,” he adds.

    Therefore the journalist urges the international community not to support the “new adventure” of “US military puppeteers”, who “belligerently bomb the hell out of other countries.”

    He instead suggests the creation of an impartial court, which would eventually punish “those warmongers in the United States, Britain, and other submissive American allies that are responsible for armed conflicts, chaos, poverty and hunger.”


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