19:40 GMT05 August 2020
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    As concerns are on the rise over the alleged taped footage of what was inside paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s multiple properties, at least one of the high-profile names seems to not be leaving the headlines any time soon - the Duke of York.

    David Boies, the lawyer for alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre, told the Mail on Sunday he believed there was "no doubt" the 60-year-old prince would have been captured on camera at Epstein’s Manhattan property, which he had himself admitted visiting.

    "We know there were cameras throughout the New York mansion and in Epstein’s other properties. We know there were a multitude of cameras and very large quantities of tapes", said Mr Boies, who is also representing other Epstein accusers.

    Mass speculations about the filming and home cameras were triggered by the arrest of Epstein’s suspected accomplice and one-time girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Some suggested the British socialite could have grabbed the tapes with some presumed compromising content before she hunkered down after the convicted paedophile’s death in August 2019, a month after he was nabbed.

    It's claimed she's been on the run ever since, vehemently trying to shun the limelight until being busted at her New Hampshire hideaway on 2 July. Questions have arisen in the past few days about whether the arrested socialite will use the tapes - if she does indeed have them or at least knows where they are - as leverage to get a better deal in court.

    It’s believed the footage, gathered from Epstein’s Manhattan penthouse and possibly other properties including his New Mexico ranch and Palm Springs mansion, registered visits by Epstein’s inner circle, acquaintances, and "sex slaves" alike.

    Prince Andrew is known to have visited Epstein at his Big Apple home, reportedly staying in his own personal VIP guest room informally dubbed "Britannica".

    One of Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, claimed the Duke of York had sex with her three times – including when she was underage in 2001, and one of these instances was at Maxwell’s London property, Giuffre claimed. Commenting on the allegations of him having sex with Virginia Giuffre (formerly known as Virginia Roberts), Prince Andrew argued that he has "no recollection of ever meeting this lady".

    Maxwell is set to appear before a judge for the first time on 14 July for a bail hearing via a video link from her New York prison cell, where she was transferred shortly after her arrest. She previously opposed the US prosecutor's request to keep her detained, demanding to be released on bail, as per a court filing.

    Ghislaine, the daughter of the late billionaire media mogul Robert Maxwell, was accused by prosecutors of "playing a critical role in finding and grooming [Epstein’s] victims", while a slew of Epstein accusers claim that she acted as his "madam" or "pimp", regularly driving from his Palm Beach estate in Florida to nearby trailer parks to "procure" vulnerable young girls for the paedophile between 1994 and 1997.

    Epstein's suspected "pimp" faces six different charges, including personal participation in sexual abuse and perjury, for her denials of facilitating Epstein’s sex trafficking, which could put her behind bars for up to 35 years if she is found guilty.


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