11:23 GMT29 November 2020
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    A new accuser has come forward in the Epstein sex trafficking case, with court files claiming the lady, who was reportedly first hired by the convicted paedophile at the age of 17, was groomed by him for “commercial sex” and insidiously forced into a lesbian marriage.

    Court papers seen by the Mail on Sunday tells the story of another Jeffrey Epstein accuser, who is referred to by a pseudonym, Katlyn Doe, to protect her identity while an investigation is underway.

    The newspaper also obtained some insights from its sources on the matter, which indicated, in tune with official records, that the woman was at Epstein’s New York mansion at the time of the Duke of York’s lengthy visit to his financier friend.

    A source, who said she was also inside the property at the time, alleged the woman could have even given the Duke a foot massage while he watched the newly released movie The King's Speech together with Epstein in a cinema room on the mansion’s upper floor.

    According to the cited court files pertaining to a lawsuit now filed at a New York court, Katlyn endured seven years of atrocious sexual abuse by Epstein, who reportedly seized on her vulnerability due to anorexia and other unnamed medical issues and groomed her as a sex slave.

    On top of that, he is said to have promised her money for marrying a woman from his criminal sex trafficking network so that the foreign recruiter could get American citizenship. This allegedly happened around 2013, when same-sex marriages were allowed for the first time in some states.

    By the time Epstein, who stopped sleeping with 25-year-old Katlyn in 2014 because she "was too old", showed her the door, the woman had been paid only half of the promised sum of $20,000, which she reportedly needed for an operation.

    Katlyn knew that if she did not agree to the lesbian marriage and continue "to commit commercial sex acts, Jeffrey Epstein would cause her serious psychological, financial, reputational, and medical harm", the legal papers claim. 

    Her ordeal is claimed to have been one of at least three fake marriages ordered by Epstein to keep his criminal network members and friends by his side in America. 

    Last week, the Mail on Sunday reported, citing a source, that Epstein had specially arranged for three young women to meet Prince Andrew during his stay, which the Duke said he planned to use to cut ties with his friend.

    The source claimed the Duke treated his friend's house “like it was his” and stayed in a lavish bedroom suggestively referred to as “Room Britannica”. 

    One of the women was named as Latvian-born model Lana Zakocela, who has said she attended gatherings at the house as part of her modelling business but does not know if the Prince was there, while also stressing Epstein had never done her any harm personally.

    According to the British tabloid, Zakocela is not the woman named in legal documents as Katlyn Doe.

    Katlyn’s lawyer Bradley Edwards said last night that he couldn’t “discuss any of the current cases being litigated", with the Duke’s press service likewise refusing to comment “on allegations made by a so-called witness who has chosen to wait ten years to come forward and has chosen to remain anonymous".

    Andrew has already been accused of having sex three times with another of the financier's victims, Virginia Roberts, including once in 2001 at Epstein's New York home.

    The Duke has repeatedly and strenuously denied the claims, also arguing he didn’t know about Epstein’s blatantly criminal activities when he visited him at his estate, on the doorstep of which he was infamously photographed waving his hand at someone.

    Andrew has also been accused of refusing to cooperate with the FBI over the probe into the dealings of the late Epstein, who was convicted back in 2008 on paedophile charges and served some part of his term in jail. Last year, while awaiting trial on new charges - over the sex trafficking of underage girls - Epstein was found dead in his New York prison cell.


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