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    Clinton's Syrian No-Fly Zone Designed to Put US, Russia on Collision Course

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    Ekaterina Blinova

    Hillary Clinton's idea of a no-fly zone in Syria is obviously designed to put the US and Russia on a collision course, US-based journalist and editor-in-chief of News Junkie Post Gilbert Mercier told Sputnik.

    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's policy path is a well-documented trail of chaos, Gilbert Mercier, a US-based French journalist, author and editor-in-chief of News Junkie Post, noted in his interview with Sputnik.

    "Let's keep in mind that Hillary Clinton was the driving force behind fostering fake revolutions for regime change purposes in Libya, Syria and Ukraine: the prime engineer of failed states, misery and death for millions," Mercier underscored.

    "Clinton is the one most likely to approve an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran, and by doing so trigger World War III," the journalist suggested and added: "This is what Western Europe's leaders should think about when they more or less openly endorse Hillary Clinton."

    'Clinton Wants to Start an Air War With Russia Over Syria'

    What is even worse is that the Democratic presidential nominee is pushing the US towards confrontation with Russia without scruple, the journalist deems.

    In the course of the second presidential debate Clinton emphasized that she advocates a no-fly zone and safe zones in Syria and added that Washington needs "some leverage with the Russians."

    "We need some leverage with the Russians, because they are not going to come to the negotiating table for a diplomatic resolution, unless there is some leverage over them. And we have to work more closely with our partners and allies on the ground," Clinton said.

    Curiously enough, in late September Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford warned that the implementation of a no-fly zone in Syria would obviously result in war with Russia.

    "Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia. That is a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I'm not going to make," Dunford told the Senate Committee on Armed Services on September 22.

    In her recent interview with C-SPAN Green Party nominee Jill Stein assumed that Clinton is seeking to start an air war with Russia over Syria.

    "It's now Hillary Clinton who wants to start an air war with Russia over Syria by calling for a no-fly zone. We have 2,000 nuclear missiles on hair-trigger alert… Under Hillary Clinton, we could slide into nuclear war very quickly from her declared policy in Syria," Stein stressed.

    Before Stein made the above statement, Mercier told Sputnik: "The no-fly-zone over Syria is a Clinton idea, which is of course designed to put the US and Russia on a collision course."

    "Hillary Clinton is the one who started comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler," he recalled adding that Clinton appears to act "as if she already has won the election and is directing US foreign policies in the worst possible way."

    To complicate matters further, US mainstream media sources have repeatedly signaled that the Obama administration is considering arming so-called Syrian rebels with antiaircraft weapons and even launching a direct attack against Assad's Syrian Arab Army.  

    In this context Clinton's statements appear to be more than just the election campaign rhetoric.

    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looks on during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri on October 9, 2016.
    © AFP 2017/ JIM BOURG / POOL
    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looks on during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri on October 9, 2016.

    Anti-Russia Media Campaign Playing Into Clinton's Hands

    Mercier called attention to the Clinton team's anti-Russia smear campaign and criticized some US media sources for serving Clinton's interests.

    "This is one more symptom of the tragic state of health of almost all US media: networks, cable, radio stations and print. By serving the interests of Hillary Clinton so blatantly, newspapers such as The New York Times or the Washington Post are pretty much losing whatever credibility they had left as impartial news sources," Mercier told Sputnik.

    "With the recently released lewd audio tape of Donald Trump right before Sunday's debate, both papers have hit the bottom of disinformation and sleaze, on par only with rags such as The National Inquirer," he added.

    According to the journalist, the anti-Russian hysteria over Syria and Ukraine in US media is clearly aimed at vilifying Donald Trump. Simultaneously, it is paving the way to the Oval Office for Hillary Clinton.

    "The US-Russian tensions over Syria are indeed aimed at giving Clinton an edge over Trump in the eye of the electorate because of Trump's lack of foreign-policy experience. But in this completely abnormal and nearly anachronistic election cycle, it could, if properly used by Trump's campaign, backfire on Clinton," Mercier suggested.

    "Again, as I mentioned before, Clinton has proven by her track record that she should not be trusted to diffuse conflicts by diplomatic solutions. After all, the Clinton clan has been great for its friends and sponsors of the military-industrial complex. Perhaps a much bigger conflict, directly with Russia and China, sounds appealing to the war profiteers in Washington and Wall Street," he underscored.

    In his book "The Orwellian Empire" Mercier shed some light on US military spending highlighting that "since the US entered World War II, its economy has been arguably a war economy."

    "According to a report released by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in summer 2012, business has been booming for the military-industrial complex. The US had become, by far, the largest arms dealer of the planet, with 78.1 percent of the overall market," Mercier wrote citing a 2012 report by, Richard. E. Grimmett and Paul K. Kerr entitled "Conventional arms transfers to developing nations, 2004-2011."

    Is Clinton Fit Enough to Become US Commander-in-Chief?

    The question then arises whether Hillary Clinton would be an effective commander-in-chief, the journalist remarked.

    "Hillary Clinton always claims that Donald Trump is unfit for the duty of being commander-in-chief, with access to the nuclear codes. She might have a point, but one honestly has to wonder if she is fit either," he noted, referring to numerous reports on the Democratic presidential nominee's health.

    "Regardless, if she is elected and makes it to the official inauguration in January, as long as she can stand up and read a teleprompter without drooling all over her face, even if her health deteriorates further, she will remain president on paper while the first husband, Bill Clinton, actually runs the White House. If Hillary Clinton has to step down formally because of health issues, her running mate Tim Kaine, as vice president, would officially become president while Bill Clinton would assume the real leadership of the country," Mercier suggested.

    Meanwhile, most burning US domestic issues, such as the economy, dissatisfaction with government and unemployment remain largely neglected amid fierce competition for the White House.

    In his recent article "Clinton vs Trump: Lesser of Two Evils or the Devil You Know" Mercier bemoaned the fact that "no real important issues such as climate change, a reassessment of US foreign policy, the role of money in politics, the torture of political prisoners, and the excessive power of the US executive branch have been addressed."

    US presidential elections always have an important impact on world affairs, Mercier admitted, adding that still "it is hard to think of any positive outcome" of the 2016 presidential campaign.

    Gilbert Mercier is the author of The Orwellian Empire and the editor in chief of News Junkie Post.


    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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    • Jammy
      Lets not be too concerned with what the new puppet in the USA might or might not do and if they want war then they will get war one way or another regardless of what Russia does.

      You protect and enforce international law or you don't and you don't do that by trying to work with someone like the USA who is using proxy forces to attack you.

      Again we are back to some type of 1984 play script and people are getting tired of Russia jumping in and out of bed with the USA and they should just get on with the job in Syria or go home.
    • avatar
      I do wish these writers would do some homework, before assuming they know all the facts.

      No mention of the fact that Russia is legally in Syria, in accordance with international law and being invited by the elected head of the sovereign nation.

      The US and allies, have no authority. Whatever, they might believe. None have them have issued a declaration of war. None of them have been invited by the elected head of the sovereign state and none of them have UN backing. They just want to invade, regime change/colour revolution, because the US does not like the President.

      Then they ignore the fact, that the US will not have control of the skies, which means they cannot have a No Fly Zone. Russia and Syria have sorted that problem, with the help of the S200, S300 and S400.

      Please Sputnik, purchasing articles from US media agencies, is so destroying the pleasure of coming to the site.
    • avatar
      that woukd be the best. But I guess that is wishful thinking. Vampyrs like her live foreverl eechin gblood of innocent people. And so far she already caused the death of millions of people.
    • Hermes
      I don't believe this. Clinton is not the one to decide whether there will be an air war with Russia but the Pentagon does and direct war with Russia is not in their books. These kind of stories only serve the purpose of putting pressure on Russia and making them think that USA really would take risks like that.
      They won't.
      They wouldn't mind if one of their alllies would however but USA would prefer to play the role of Rumpelstilskin and use proxies to avert direct danger.
    • Hermes
      .......Perhaps a much bigger conflict, directly with Russia and China, sounds appealing to the war profiteers in Washington and Wall Street," he underscored.........

      Yeah sure. They are very eager to get fried.
    • avatar
      rasojin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, Yes they would prefer to use proxies if the proxies can get the job done. If the proxies fail will the empire really just give up?
    • Hermesin reply torasoj(Show commentHide comment)
      no they won't.
      Genocide and stealing other peoples countries and wealth is part of their culture. That's what made the USA great.
      They won't be able to keep their hands to themselves and as long as there is on single tribe left that is in charge of its own country the USA will try to exterminate them because that's what USA is all about. You can't satisfy them and they will try to murder you.
      But they are cowards too and they do not like to be obliterated in a direct conflict with Russia, China or both.
    • avatar
      It looks like the neocons are anxious to discover Russia's patience limit, but when successful, I wonder how many will live to tell...
    • avatar
      I believe Hillary's seemingly insane neoconservative hawkish policies are actually motivated at a more strategic level than Gilbert Mercier seems aware of. The Western aristocracy, which includes the Rothschilds, George Soros, the Bushes, the Rockefellers and many more elitist bigwigs from both sides of the Atlantic, have the goal of destroying every power center in the world that opposes their plan for a One World Government. They are thus reducing to rubble all territories of such opposing powers. This reduction involves demolishing civil and cultural institutions by inflicting mass civilian casualties, destroying infrastructure, and encouraging terrorism. Such operations leave in their wake a power vacuum into which the New-World-Order faction can introduce its global government. The Western elite has succeeded in spreading chaos over most of the Middle East, parts of Africa and Latin America, and of course Ukraine. Russia appears to be next in their sights, along with Iran. My question, until yesterday, was, how will the Western aristocracy handle China? This has been answered, since now Hillary says she will surround China with US missiles. Bear in mind that Hillary may have suffered brain damage from her stroke, and brain damage can intensify reactions of anger. It is not far fetched to call her a brain-damaged madwoman. Trump is not part of the New World Order faction and want to stop this insanity, as do the rest of us.
    • avatar
      chrrevin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, the article focuses on Clinton's parallel universe, and how much of a complete dangerous nutter she is.
    • avatar
      chrrevin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, they always get others to get fried on their behalf... plus they are so delusional you never know. i mean look at Ash Carter, the worst of the bunch.
    • Hermesin reply tochrrev(Show commentHide comment)
      You are of course right. They get others to fry on their own behalf but in a nuclear war with Russia there will be no escape. They know this and they have known this for a long time and that's why they changed strategy to invoking 'containable' nuclear conflicts in which USA will not be directly involved but Russia will.
      That's what they are trying to do in Korea, the South China sea, eastern Europe and the middle east.
      Their computers told them that that's the only way to survive a nuclear conflict with Russia and it's not that difficult to achieve. Just lie, deceive and use their 'charme' and they stand a good chance of finding themselves on the sideline of global conflict. They already did studies about the impact a regional nuclear war would have on USA territory and guess what?
      It's virtually none.
      I would be very disappointed and probably will get very depressed if in case of a nuclear war Russia and China forget to include USA in the first wave. That would mean they won.
    • avatar
      chrrevin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, let us hope it won't come to that, I think american people are victims of their governments just as much as the rest of the world. Aint easy to start a revolution either...
    • Hermesin reply tochrrev(Show commentHide comment)
      That's what USA is counting on. That Russia will never ever let it get to that. So they keep pushing, placing missile shields, overthrowing governments and violently influence the democratic process in numerous countries and of course putting boots on the ground at Russias borders and arming their neighbours and push them towards conflict with Russia. All because they know Russia will never ever take the risk and they know Russia thinks they will. They are counting on Russia being scared of them. But Russia can not let them go on forever. When the nuclear deterrent is compromized they have two choices. They can surrender or they can attack.
    • avatar
      hills is the poster girl of misogynists world wide! :)
    • avatar
      Russia has its fingers on its buttons aimed at the root of the problem.
      You know who you are and you will be the first to go by bye.
      To kill the weed, you pull off its roots. Be very frightened.
    • avatar
      cmat.wolfgangin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      but some US and some NATO troups (I think British) ARE in Syria. And
      I would be very much surprised if they went there without Russian permission. At least I never did hear of any protest.

      When I read German newspapers, they tell that USA and NATO want to fight IS in Raqqa.


      I seriously doubt that Russia would shoot down a NATO plane...
    • Drain the swamp
      Its the feminists and fishbuckets voting with their growlers, stupid !
    • avatar
      Clinton or anyone else has no authority to declare no-fly zones on any soverign state.
      The idea of a no-fly zone is utter nonsense. Anyone enforcing it will have to face death.
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