Fans of the World Cup 2018 play football on Red Square in Moscow

'A Great Dream': Foreign Football Fans Raving About Moscow on Instagram

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To upload a photo from Moscow’s Red Square or the Bolshoi Theater is a must for any foreign tourist visiting the capital. However, these days, with the World Cup in full swing, Moscow’s guests are getting to know the city from a more up close and personal angle, and they are loving it.

Sheer Size of Moscow

The first thing that strikes guests from Europe and the Latin American countries alike about Moscow is its sheer vastness. The scale of the city is comparable to two Rio de Janeiros or three Berlins! 

Foreigners are calling Moscow a great dream. They are admiring its spacious promenades, green parks and majestic bridges. Before sitting down in the restaurant or a pub to watch a football match, tourists happily stroll through the city center, taking magnificent photos to share with family and friends back home.

The capital, they write, has everything one needs for a comfortable walk: there are benches in the pedestrian areas, there are water fountains in the parks, and there is shade from the city’s many trees.

A post shared by mrs.proo (@mrs.proo) on Jun 18, 2018 at 5:12pm PDT

"Moscow: My great dream, a magical place that draws in its atmosphere and surprises with a grand scale from the first minutes. Here everything is grand,” mrs.proo wrote under her photo.

Walk Through Ages

Another guest of the capital named denizmrcn wrote, "Stunning city, again and again fascinating me with its architecture, history, art, wide streets and delicious food! Pushkin and Dostoevsky once walked along these streets; the most beautiful novels and poems were written in these cafes. What wonderful love stories were lived here! In some streets, this wonderful atmosphere is felt especially clear; Arbat is one such street, be sure to visit it if you are in Moscow. "

A post shared by Denizmercan (@denizmrcn) on May 25, 2018 at 1:14pm PDT

Nikolskaya Street, which is one the oldest streets in Moscow, has become the epicenter for the fans celebrations and gatherings. 

A post shared by Aleksander Olo (@ologrchw) on Jun 19, 2018 at 4:21pm PDT

People from different corners of the world can be seen in colorful national costumes, with banners and flags representing their countries, dancing and cheering for their national football teams as nearby bars and pubs stream each and every match live.

A post shared by Maryam Banihashemi (@marybani) on Jun 12, 2018 at 12:59pm PDT

Comfort For All

The Football Fan Zone at Sparrow Hills, where one can take in a panoramic view of the city near Moscow State University’s iconic tower, has firmly taken a top position in the Instagram posts. For fans, this is a real oasis: one can watch the match, have a bite to eat and watch the sunset from the observation deck. To ensure the safety and comfort of fans, the zone is protected by the security forces and close attention is paid to cleanliness and order.

During the breaks between the matches, foreign guests organize fiery dances and singing. Thousands of videos can be seen taken from Sparrow Hills on Instagram where fans and locals are seen having fun together.

A post shared by Bartosz Makowski (@mrmakowski) on Jun 20, 2018 at 4:46am PDT

"We thank Russia for its excellent organization and hospitality. We are very comfortable here,” one fan wrote.


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