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    USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)

    No US Aircraft Carriers Now Deployed; None Expected in Middle East for Months

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    For a rare couple of months, there will be no US Navy aircraft carrier in the Middle East.

    But it's not only the Middle East whose waters are calmer: For the next week, there will be no American aircraft carriers deployed at sea anywhere else in the world, Fox reports.

    The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and its naval entourage, which had been deployed in the Middle East for the past seven months, returned to the Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia December 30.

    Its replacement, the USS George H.W. Bush, is still held up in the shipyard, and is unlikely to depart for its next mission before the end of January, according to Defense News.

    The gap could last as long as two months.

    There was a similar carrier gap in the Middle East last fall, but a French carrier stepped in to fill it. According to Fox, this is the first time there has not been a US aircraft carrier in the Middle East since 2007, and the first time since World War II that there has not been a single US carrier deployed anywhere in the world.

    The USS George H. W. Bush recently completed a 13-month overhaul in Norfolk, a process that stretched months beyond its original end date. Navy officials have suggested poor planning, a lack of training, funding interruptions and unspecified emergent work as reasons for the delay, but given no concrete answer, according to Defense News.

    Now the ship is apparently stuck while its staff finishes their training — and, some hint, because of more defects the original long overhaul missed.

    The US has not left the region entirely, of course. Officials told Fox a large Navy assault ship staffed by thousands remains in the region, as do US jets and helicopters.

    The USS Eisenhower was used to launch airstrikes against Daesh in Iraq and Syria from the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea for much of 2016.


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      The neocons are burning the US military out, and I think it's intentional.
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      well, time for holydays! ( without hurry...)
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      The "accidental" fatality rate of innocents and civilians just went down in the Middle East.
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      teddy j, Interesting comment. Russia, with or without its entire national expression, gave the world Communism. Millions have paid with their lives, while hundreds of millions have been enslaved, forever. Today, with less than 5% of that same hardline Communism on its books, Russia is looked on as the peacemakers of the world. It does not change the fact, however, that Communism, with all of its tenets still intact, more or less, has subjected entire continents into its fabric.

      The US is not a paragon of virtue or a city set on a hill as a beacon light. The only thing that makes it difference from any other 'banana republic' is its Constitution, a thorn that every globalist has to endure. It is this Constitution that makes America different, despite all of its evil.

      Putin's Christianity has forged a new nation in Russia and gave them hope. America's Christianity gave them their Constitution. Will Russia's constitution save it's people? Will Trump save America? What will save us all, is this, "He has told you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you, But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?"
    • james
      every time i look at a map of where the carriers are, there are one or 2 deployed and the rest are docked at home. so why are they building more when they rarely use them?
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      No terrorists to support anymore? The mideast better enjoy it. It will be a quiet two months.
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      Intense modifications for F 35 operations and new weapons and electronics retrofit.
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      All systems and machines stand ready. Could the problem be manpower?
    • basho
      the navy is falling apart.
      ships and personnel.
      bound to happen.
      where is mad mccain when you need him.
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      Eudoxiain reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Russia did not give the world communism that came as a result of the Bolshevics Revolution. The Rothschilds were behind the BR. Again it was not done internally but externally. Putin has reinstated the Imperial Russian Coat of Arms but with some changes. He has kicked the Roths out of Russia - the USSR is dead and communism has no part in the Russian Federation.
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      marcanhaltin reply toEudoxia(Show commentHide comment)
      Eudoxia, One of us has not read Two Hundred Years Together (two volumes), written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the most banned book in the world. Fortunately, he lived almost two decades here in the US. He was a smash hit in all of his appearances, but he did not believe that we were any great depositories of the truth. Communism IS a State registered party today in Russia, with 5% of the population as being registered Communists. It was Stalin and the USSR that exported it to the rest of us. The rest of your argument is, plainly, a cobbling together of certain pieces of garnered material. You can impress me, however, for the source of "Putin kick(ing) the Roths out of Russia. And have a great year keeping on with the 'right stuff'
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      Eudoxiain reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, I have no intention of impressing you or anybody else. I am a truth seeker first and foremost. Due to the nature of this planet and those on it truth is somewhat difficult to come buy and one has to be deligent in the quest for truth. A vast majority of time this is inhibited by a person's ego and the need to be right. I have no need to be right at any time as I understand truth can only be garnished by dedication to finding it. Therefore it is prudent to say we have a certain understanding of certain things at certain times and as time goes by other snippets of information are garnished until a picture unfolds so I concur with Solzhenitsyn on this point.

      The Western monied interests for want of a better word have been exploiting Russia for a very long time - nothing new here. My sources are quite vast having spent 17 years commuting to work every day. I read a large variety of non fiction books thus expanding my knowledge of the world and what is actually controlling it. Carrol Quigly who authored Tragedy and Hope was a Washington insider and Bill Clinton's history professor and was allowed to write the book basically explaining the motivations and who the monied interests are. The sources of Putin kicking the Rothschilds out of Russia also comes through a vast amount of sources who are well researched and can't be considered conspiracy theorists. I have not read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn but have found reference to some of his works through others and being a research oriented person have followed up when necessary to do so which is basically all the time given truth let alone whole truth is such a short commodity.

      When Putin came to power he paid off Rusia's debt to the IMF (Rothschilds) and severed all ties with them. This is depicted on the Russian Coat of Arms the rider isn't slaying the dragon as in St George the rider in the Russian crest has killed the dragon. The Russian Coat of Arms has the dragon slayed at it's feet. This is a statement. The elite are much into symbolism and in order to interpret it one has to have a fairly vast knowledge of symbology and the occult (in this reference simply meaning hidden).

      Stalin and the USSR didn't export it to anybody the monied interests who were behind Trotsky, Lenin and Starlin did that. The last front man/puppet of these monied interests was Yeltsin. While Gorbachev was still encumbered by them to a large degree it was Putin who turned it around. He played the game for a while until he consolidated power and got rid of their influence. I can't quote you one source for this as there are multiple sources who are highly credentialed in their respective fields. I suggest you research this for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Of course there are still associations linked to Communism and various parties, however, this does not make the Russian Federation a communist country nor Putin's government communist.

      You might find as you traverse this thing called life that when in seeking truth it is best to use consolidation and collaboration with others. Not seeking to place others in a one down position in order to prove to yourself you are right.

      Have a nice day.
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      This article brought to mind Pearl harbour. Is Obama heading for a 3rd term? He appears to have been laying the groundwork for it with the anti Russian propaganda, the build up of the military on Russia's western boarder and his claim that he would have one a 3rd term.
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      deshepherdisherein reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, communism and the Bolshevick revolution was perpetrated by Zionists backed by the big banking houses. Solzhenitsyn's book is not 200 years together but 100 Years Together.
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      marcanhaltin reply todeshepherdishere(Show commentHide comment)
      deshepherdishere, "Two Hundred Years Together
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Two Hundred Years Together
      Author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
      Translator (none) English
      Country Russia
      Language Russian
      Publication date
      ISBN 978-5-9697-0372-8

      "Two Hundred Years Together (Rus. Двести лет вместе, Dvesti let vmeste) is a two-volume historical essay by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It was written as a comprehensive history of Jews in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and modern Russia between the years 1795 and 1995, especially with regard to government attitudes toward Jews.[1]" Look it up on Wikipedia, among others. I also have that same 2 volume copy signed and dated in my possession. You may, or may not, have the partial english translation, but it would still read as 200 years together. And I know how Wall Street funded that revolution.
    • Alan Reid
      No kidding this looks like a Pearl harbor provocation. I fear there is big things brewing in the halls of the sick and twisted. No Japanese navy to attack the port bound sitting ducks so another sort of sneaky trick is required. Every surface ship afloat today is useless as a weapon of war in the face of hyper sonic anti ship missiles, So how best to employ those gargantuan targets... Much like the useless surface fleet of WWII? How many lost cold war nukes could be in play for the next up game of these Godless souls to use as levers in there ongoing war against us all? 10 perhaps? They would have to be Russian weapons to draw the blame would they not? Our lives will depend on thwarting the next false flag attack BEFORE it gets too accelerated and becomes a world wide conflagration. Look back America and see this game played out time and time again form your countries very start and you will see a very common pattern at work.. A pattern you must break Failure is not a place you will like to be once it is upon you. America is in serious trouble and you are3 going to have to get your house in order if you are going to survive the days ahead.
    • Alan Reid
      Who wants to bet that every US submarine armed with nuclear weapons is at sea somewhere? Bombers and ballistic missiles are useless in a Pearl like operation. There are a lot of megatons lurking under the sea at this point in human history. What you don't know about the nuke and it's deployment boggles the mind. America is and has been on hair trigger alert for so long it's getting tired of waiting for the GO codes.
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      Trump may have called them back to turn them into floating hotels for homeless better than there current use?
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      Eudoxia... brilliant and pertinent reply as a 'psychotherapist' (in training but advanced in some fields) I have found some comments coming from your target as full of self importance! I must confess writing posts on here and I have written some 3700 posts although 1600 with the highest likes were deleted the other day???? you go on a merry go round and the swings in your own personal development and there are phases when things go haywire.

      That said your point was very important and like I said brilliantly executed well done.
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