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    Earlier, the envoy claimed that US troops would be staying in the Arab Republic until the "enduring defeat" of Daesh*. He also said that Bashar Assad should not govern the country in the future, noting, however, that it's not the US' job to oust him.

    US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Franklin Jeffrey said in a conference call with reporters that once Iran pulls its troops out of Syria and a political solution to the Arab state's problems is found, all other foreign forces would be ready to leave, too.

    At the same time, he underscored that it wouldn't affect Russia, as it had military bases in Syria prior to the conflict, which broke out in 2011. Jeffrey explained that this is why the US has not included the withdrawal of Russian troops in its list of demands.

    Previously, the US envoy for Syria called the situation, in regards to 5 foreign militaries operating in one country, namely Russia, the US, Israel, Turkey and Iran, "dangerous."

    "The Russians, having been there before, would not in fact withdraw, but you've got four other outside military forces […] all operating inside Syria right now. It's a dangerous situation," the envoy said.

    He also claimed that the US' objective in Syria is not only the "enduring defeat" of Daesh,* but also finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict and ensuring the complete withdrawal of foreign troops, except Russian forces. While saying that Bashar Assad "has no future as a ruler," Jeffrey added that it was not the US' job to get rid of him.

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    Iran insists that it has only sent military advisors to Syria at the Damascus' request, while underscoring that they would stay in the Arab Republic as long as they need to.

    US forces are currently operating in areas under the control of Kurdish forces, without a UN mandate or the Syrian government's consent.

    *Daesh (also known as ISIS, IS) is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.


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