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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    ISIL and its supporters from the US-aligned Middle Eastern regimes are just another tool in Wall Street's toolbox: the Islamic State fighters may falsely believe that they are Muslims, but those who fund and direct them worship no other God than money, New York-based political analyst Caleb Maupin notes.

    Incredible as it may seem, an anti-ISIL coalition has brought together Russian patriots, Syrian socialists, Arab Christians, Islamic revolutionaries and Kurdish nationalists, New York-based journalist and political analyst Caleb Maupin remarks, posing the question: what do all these groups have in common?

    "If one looks at their analysis of the world and their historical development, the answer is "not much." However, if one looks at their vision and program at the current moment, especially in relation to economics, these forces are almost identical," Maupin points out.

    According to Maupin all these forces oppose the economic order where Wall Street tycoons and banking institutions of Western Europe play the first fiddle.

    "All these forces call for an economy that functions in the interests of the people, and they reject neoliberalism. They call for corporate power to be restrained and controlled by governments, not the other way around. They call for international trade to be conducted on a non-predatory basis, and for an emphasis on construction in order to raise global living standards," the American journalist emphasized in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    The analyst believes that the current battle against ISIL in Syria is in fact a battle between two different economic visions and ethical systems.

    Maupin emphasized that no one can deny that Washington took part in the creation of the Islamic State. Firstly the United States bombed Iraq into chaos, then contributed to the destabilization of Syria. Along with its European and Gulf allies Washington poured billions of dollars into their regime change project aimed against the Syrian Arab Republic.

    "In the name of ‘human rights,’ while demonizing Syrian President Bashar Assad, every effort has been made to fund violent extremist organizations," the political analyst underscored.

    Remarkably, there are lots of Chechens among the fighters, the journalist noted, calling attention to the fact that for decades the United States has funded Sunni extremists to destabilize the North Caucasus and the southern parts of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. These very forces have now found their way to Syria, Maupin stressed.

    "The majority of social media activity supporting ISIS [ISIL] originates within Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Jordan, all governed by US-aligned regimes. Turkey, a US-aligned regime and NATO member, currently allows trucks to cross its border every day and deliver supplies to ISIS [ISIL]-controlled territories," the journalist remarked.

    Curiously enough, while Washington toppled the government of Saddam Hussein very quickly, its anti-ISIL operation has prove highly ineffective.

    It seems that "US leaders are happy to publicize ISIS [ISIL] atrocities in order to demonize Islam and justify drone strikes," Maupin notes.

    According to the author, ISIL and those who support it are just tools in Wall Street's toolbox. The Islamic State is "the armed detachment of Western capitalism and imperialism," aimed at erasing the borders of national states in the Middle East and striking against those who resist the decaying West-led global economic order.

    "The forces who are aligned against ISIS [ISIL] do not have a unifying ideology, worldview, or perspective. But they all can agree, like many revolutionaries in past times, that all human beings have basic inalienable rights. These inalienable rights are not limited simply to freedom of religion, and freedom of speech and the press. These inalienable rights also include the right to jobs, housing, medical care, and a decent life. They all recognize the eternal truth that the love of money is not “the motor of the world,” but that it is, in reality, the root of all evil," Maupin concluded.

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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