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    US Army soldiers representing units participating in the the Anaconda-16 military exercise, attend the opening ceremony, in Warsaw, Poland, Monday, June 6, 2016.

    NATO Battalions on Russian Borders Could Easily Grow Into Larger Contingent

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    The planned deployment of four NATO battalions on Russia’s borders is the foundation for continuous pressure on its frontiers as it may easily grow into a larger contingent; and the fact that these are the troops of the alliance and not of a bordering country underscores that Russia is being specifically targeted, says a Russian military expert.

    Last Tuesday, NATO agreed to deploy a new 4,000-strong force in the Baltic States and Poland, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said after a meeting of the block’s ministers in Brussels.

    The declared aim is to “protect its Eastern European allies from the so-called “Russian aggression.”

    The three battalions, each to consist of between 800 and 1,000 troops, will reportedly be provided by Britain, the US and Germany.

    The block is now looking for a fourth country willing to send its servicemen to Russia’s borders.

    “The planned deployment of four NATO battalions on Russia’s borders is the foundation for continuous pressure on its frontiers,” Alexandr Perendzhiev, an expert from the Association of Military Political Analysts told Russia’s news website Vzglyad.

    “These four battalions may easily grow into a larger contingent and therefore must be regarded as a threat to Russia,” he added.

    The expert also explained that these units do not belong to any of the bordering countries but to the alliance and thus "it is strange to talk about any “protection". The bordering countries are well able to defend themselves and NATO could simply send its troops for assistance.

    However permanent deployment of NATO battalions on Russia’s borders underscores that they are there not for the defense. They could easily grow in size for a possible future attack on Russia.

    The expert also noted that Stoltenberg’s announcement of the move right after the meeting of the block’s ministers in Brussels signals that the issue has been discussed there.

    And the announced start day for the deployment (January 2017) means that the sources of financing of the move have already been found.

    “Ahead of the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw it only shows how fast such issues are being solved,” Perendzhiev said.

    The expert also commented on NATO’s Anaconda 2016 military exercises, which recently wrapped up in Poland and which have become the biggest exercises on NATO's eastern flank since the end of the Cold War.

    Perendzhiev explained that it was carried out for the purposes of further development of NATO infrastructure along Russia’s borders.

    And noted that the project of the deployment of NATO troops on Russia’s frontier has already been agreed upon before the kick-off the drills.


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      Nato is desperate for war, just to confirm its continued existence.But don't forget that Nato is overwhelmingly US constituted, therefore any attack by Nato on Russia will be reciprocated with an attack on the US mainland. European countries are sick of being used as US cannon fodder.
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      It really does not matters in real terms if USA would have 100 or 1000 troops on the border as what matters is what they are going to do, if they will stay on their side of the border it is not problem unless they intend to stay permanentlyas that would be clear sign of their provocative nature, however that is also not a big problem as the biggest question is what would Russia do?

      Taking in account that so called "platonic" provocation are not illegal by any law for as long as they are within their limits. Russia in this case might supply them with a little bit of fright of their life by having artillery drills and firing for example thermobaric missiles and large bombs into the border area making sure that no debris nor pressure shock waves will cross the border line with any significant force.

      Such unexpected barrage fire would definitively scare living daylight out of them and deflated all arrogance with instant realisation that if that would be close they would be well done human roast.

      I know that USA and NATO would go berserk, but they would notice as well that it is a very stupid what they are doing, by provoking superpower in a such idiotic manner. In my opinion they would roar and scream but that would in effect be far cry from any show off of their bravery as they are trying to do now, but it would send them fear deep into the bones.

      For as long as Russia would conduct this demonstration of their army roasting capabilities within own borders all would be fine and except scaring NATO troops to death with short but overwhelming demonstration of fire-power there would be no justification for anything than expressing discomfort and genuine fear.

      Such Russian military exercise on the border with Poland and Baltic states would force NATO members in EU to rethink their willingness to be roasted for the USA interests. I believe that soon there would be internal national overwhelming pressure on governments to abandon NATO as the realisation that Russia will never back down before anyone's pressure and that in case of conflict EU will be the major loser and USA (foolishly) hopes to be spared from any kind of devastation. USA showed time and again that they are willing to fight to the bitter end of their allays and vassals and after they are all burned out gallantly and pretending that they care for a world peace to sit down around negotiating table and discuss terms of future world. American neocons are very charming people and they are known altruists and good wishers who will do anything to pacify as many as possible people simply by rewarding them with death in one way or the other. Obama go a Nobel prise for peace because Swedish academics realised that he will very successfully during his reign of terror put to rest over one million innocent civilians who are now nicely dead and peaceful. Hussein Barack Obama is real peacemaker and that Russia cannot forget. If Putin is enjoying playing religious zealot than he should not forget that somewhere in Bible is written: "eye for an eye, tooth for an tooth" (I am not sure if it is true as never had Bible in my hands let alone read it) rather than offering olive branch. If he really want to stick with olive branch than he should chose a strong and thick one and give to carpenter to make a very beautiful baseball bat and deliver blessing to western leaders with a good swing of his strong arms, aiming for their sculls. I know I am getting nasty, but the world of today is teaching me of that.
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      Russia and China are being very patient with the US and also that Russian military technology is more advanced than US technology at the moment or we would already be at war.
    • leo.carr96
      NATO is ready to set europe on war only for bankers's business
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      Finnish professor to the Turku University, Kari Liuhto, who is an expert to the Russian macro economy told in an interview to Finnish daily Turun Sanomat that there is little hope for Russia to avoid collapsing within a few years time. Russia is busted. People get nervous. They are starving. They will assemble in growing numbers. They will establish political movements. They want Putin. They want Putin hanging from a lamp post. Civil unrest is taking the streets in Russian towns. All this can be avoided if: The current regime which has proved to be dead from the neck up can be wasted as soon as possible and a caretaker government will step in to steer Russian state ship out from the trecherous shallows. Russia can only partially provide reserves of experts for a giant work to re-model and re-build the state of Russia and its administration from a sketch. Therefore, foreign agents and agencies must take responsibility for the most part. Thousands, tens of thousands experts of state governments should be shipped to Russia from Europe and North America. This enormous job would take years and decades to escort the Russian administration anywhere close we can wittness everyday in Europe and North America. The Free World, if you so will.
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      NATO already spends 16 times more than Russia on Defense...and the US is forcing NATO to increase Defense spending even more...
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      slimyfoxin reply tokurkku1962(Show commentHide comment)
      kurkku1962, I am not going to comment such immature comment which has neither relevance with reality nor is on any intellectual level. That professor you are referring to is non existent as no reputable expert would ever come out with such dilettante and amateurish statement. You just wrote your personal opinion and in order to give it credibility you named a person who has no a clue about rubbish you posted. That is so transparent. Unfortunately for you I am an academic though and I know when I see a academic statement and when it is anything but academic. So you are 54 year old lost soul, unhappy with your status and dreaming of being something else. That will never work so better for you to stop dreaming and take care of yourself as your time is slowly but surely running out and you achieved very little. Next time please do not use terms you have just vague impression of and none of knowledge.
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      slimyfoxin reply tokurkku1962(Show commentHide comment)
      kurkku1962, By the way I told you that I am academic and we have special intra-university links for scientific exchanges only (I am still in my office in University otherwise would not have authorisation for link) . These links are reserved for scientific work and I just checked out in Turku AMK - Turku University for Applied Science and have to tell you that unless you arange sor such gentleman being employed quickly now there is no such person. Sorry you are plain liar, and even if it would be I would go in his "Authorised published documentation Centre" and see if he published anything regarding Russia. You really love to lie, don't you?
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      It is pretty though to follow you. I assume that you believe I have made up professor Kari Liuhto. No, he is a real thing alright. He is a professor to the University of Turku. Just as I told. He is an economist expertising Russian economy. He is professor to International Business (Kansainvälisen liiketoiminnan professori) who specializes to the "emerging economies of Europe" (economies of poverty stricken tinpot countries in Europe, Russia being one of them). You don't need any "special intra university links" to dig this up. Just google. The very article (in Finnish) I am referring to was published today (20.6.2016) by Turun Sanomat. It is titled as "Professori Liuhto: Venäjän talous romahtaa" (Professor Liuhto: ´Russian economy is about to collapse). Direct link to the online edition is following:

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      kurkku1962in reply tokurkku1962(Show commentHide comment)
      kurkku1962, The Finnish speaking article roughly translates as following:

      Professor Liuhto predicts Russian economy collapsing without reforms and aid provided by the Free World. In his opinion the Crimean dispute (occupation) ought to be resolved satisfactorily (getting lost from Crimea) soon to avoid nation wide chaos in Russia.

      Professor believe that there is no time to be wasted to implement wide ranging economic reforms in Russia. If this wasn't the case, the Russian future would be even more depressing what it is today. Far more depressing. The economic position of Russia couldn't be worse. Social unrest would burst all over the country. Civil war would become a real threat looming behind the corner.

      Professor adds as his opinion that Russia is unable to carry out the task all by herself but is compelled to receive help from the highly developed Free World (Western Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and so worth). Easier said than done due to the Kremlin midget who panicked since the Maidan revolution. The little turd smeared his pants and asked asylum in the Chief of Staff. He was very anxious about Red Square turning into another Maidan. Chief general was tapping on his shoulders with reassuring voice: "My son, you can go back to your castle". Yours is the fortune you have stolen from the people. Crimea is ours". The Free World is not too anxious to help. Putte is not too anxious to receive help for reforms. Actually the sad little sod doesn't want any reforms in the country because they would jeopardize his lucrative position as a multi-billionaire. So, the short term solution is to push the little man overboard. And assign a reasonable mate to mind the tiller. Since spring 2014 Putte the midget has badly compromized himself in the eyes of the world audience. So, he must go. Soon.

      Liuhto says as his opinion that the occupation of Crimea was the most idiotic act of the Russian administration in the arm's long incidents of idiotic acts. Harsh words. Harsh words. And yet, so true.

      Moreover, he says that the geopolitical flexing has wasted enormously Russian resources without any gains. I fully agree. Our man in the Kremlin is a retard. You cannot help it.
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      the contingent might just grow at that - if the Japanese throw the us out. :)
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