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    All Crime, No Punishment: Sweden Swamped by Urban Ghetto Violence

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1812)

    Residential areas of the Swedish cities of Borlänge and Norrköping suffered through a dramatic weekend of unrest: cars were set on fire, and when the cities' police and fire brigades arrived at the scene, they were pelted with rocks. This is only one link in a long chain of events that have plunged once-stable Sweden further into chaos.

    Sweden has recently seen a wave of unhinged aggression against law enforcement officers. Both the police and state social service professionals admit that attacks against police and public safety personnel have increased throughout the country. In addition to hurling stones, criminals have been reported to have resorted to using hand grenades and knives, the tabloid Expressen reported.

    "I think it is a frightening social development," Johan Holmgren, assistant manager at the province of Östra Götaland's Rescue Services department told local radio.

    As early as last year, Swedish police released a report identifying 55 areas that were particularly affected by organized crime. However, for police officers who work in the blighted new ghetto areas which have mushroomed around the country in lockstep with its surging non-white minority population, violence has become an everyday reality. Peter Johansson, a municipal policeman in Norrköping, maintained that the stone throwing is largely instigated by big time criminals who engage in drug trafficking, whereas Jörgen Karlsson, a local police chief in Järfälla outside Stockholm, admitted that another pattern has become distinct.

    "The common denominator is that such events take place in the socio-economically disadvantaged areas where there are large groups of underprivileged youths turning criminal," he told Swedish Television.

    Refugees sleep outside the entrance of the Swedish Migration Agency's arrival center for asylum seekers at Jagersro in Malmo, Sweden, November 20, 2015.
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    Earlier, Karlsson was tasked with keeping the peace in Stockholm's most troubled and ghetto-riddled suburbs: Tensta, Rinkeby and Husby, where the proportion of first and second generation migrants hovers at around 90 percent. According to him, car fires and stoning assaults directed at law enforcement officers have become an everyday occurrence.

    "If you work in this type of area, you have to be mentally prepared for an emergency. You can imagine yourself how it feels to always bear in mind that a stone may fly through the car window anytime while you are on an emergency assignment," Karlsson said.

    Last weekend's events are known in the country as "police fishing," a phenomenon that Swedish police have become well-acquainted with lately. The idea is that the culprits lure the police or emergency services workers in with a false alarm or arson to be able to attack them. Remarkably, Sweden's Crime Prevention Council (Brå) does not compile any statistics on attacks against public safety personnel, since it lacks a corresponding classification of crimes. The police also lack a national registry on how the issue has evolved over time.

    Ulf Johansson, a regional police chief in Stockholm, regretted the recent development, in that it left public safety personnel vulnerable and exposed.

    "You cannot just be punitive. The basic concept is dialogue and cooperation with the good forces among the locals," he told Expressen.

    Johansson's 'benevolent' concept of eradicating crime was mirrored by Sweden's Interior Minister Anders Ygeman, who admitted that criminal activity was thriving, but refused to accept the notion of "no-go zones."

    "Reversing the trend in these areas requires first and foremost more police officers. However, it is also a task for the rest of the society to show a positive way out for the socially underprivileged. The last thing to do is to pretend that there are no problems," Ygeman told Expressen.

    The scale of last week's tumult was particularly reminiscent of that of May 2013, when violence dramatically escalated in several Stockholm suburbs. The riots began in Husby, when over 100 cars were set on fire. The following day, the riot spread like a wildfire to engulf more areas in Stockholm and also other cities in Sweden. Police efforts associated with those riots cost Sweden's state coffers 10 million krona (roughly 1.2 million dollars), or five times more than a normal week, and 32 police officers were injured.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1812)


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    • avatar
      A big long stick ready to be used anytime will stop violence with extreme pain.
      It works like a charm all the time.
      Call it a magic wand.
    • avatar
      Marques rouges
      Hey, isn't that how it works ? Good guys get nothing most of the time. Even at a nations' level, did the US or UK manage to become world leaders by playing nice ?

      I mean I'm all for good guys, but I can testify it gets you nowhere, you won't even get help from "friends", if you see what I mean !
    • avatar
      I'm reminded if Nietzsche's abyss. I think that it is staring back at the swedes.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Like I said these animals will drain a society and take advantage of its social welfare programs. There is no intent to arrive and work hard and begin to build a family and assimilate in society. Instead these filthy animals rape, rob, beat, steal from those that are helping them. Oh and please............. any person who thinks that they will excuse these migrants because they are not educated people and don't know any better are just morons. These low life snakes know exactly what they are doing and their actions to cause pain and destruction is thoroughly planned out and executed.
    • avatar
      The saddest part is that Swedes who dare to state the obvious - that the great social experiment of multiculturalism has failed miserably - are prosecuted and pilloried as being racist and xenophobic.
    • avatar
      Crowbarin reply tostemthetide(Show commentHide comment)
      stemthetide, That is sad that you can get in trouble for stating the obvious, its bad in the US but this would not be put up with.We get called racist by other groups that are racist against us but the leaders need to protect you people over there.They screwed up and won't do anything! They should use the army if the police can't handle it.We use the national guard sometimes against riots but mainly the rioters hate the police.The national guard plays by military rules and that works pretty good.I feel for you people as you don't deserve this.
    • avatar
      stemthetidein reply toCrowbar(Show commentHide comment)
      I'm not a Swede, however, the pattern of what is happening in Sweden, is seen all across Western Europe, as well as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Attempts to create "hate" crimes legislation in the US, have been thwarted in the US, for the most part. While national guards play by military rules, changes in government policy in the US have changed how the military and national guard are required to conduct themselves. This stuff proceeds at a snails pace, with other distractions like sports thrown in to detract attention.
    • avatar
      Crowbarin reply tostemthetide(Show commentHide comment)
      stemthetide , Yes its a a shame as most of west europe is having this issue.They for the most part have had hate crime laws for some .It doesn't cover all groups as you say.We had looters trying to by pass national guards man to loot after bad tornadoes hit.The national guard raised his m-16 and told the guy one more step and I will kill you to the looter.Don't know the rules but the national guard guy was serious. They might have changed it but dunno. It has changed since the days of the Kent state protests of decades ago. Thanks for your input as I agree!
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