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    FILE - In this Nov. 20, 2010, file photo, Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman, listens to officials at a prison in Sheikhupura near Lahore, Pakistan

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    It absolutely disgusts me that this great democracy of ours has not already offered asylum to Asia Bibi. What is wrong with the British Government and the Establishment?

    We have had an almost open-door policy on immigration, letting in every Tom Dick and Abdul — often without vetting them or even telling them that they must fit in with our customs and traditions and many live parallel lives.

    But a Christian woman whose life is clearly under threat by savages in Pakistan is not offered a safe haven?

    Asia Bibi is a Christian woman living in Pakistan. She was on death row for eight years for blasphemy. The original row started after she drank some water from a bucket and was accused of making the water unclean by Muslim women as she was a Christian!  A row erupted and the Muslim women involved in the row accused her of abusing the prophet Mohammad. They beat her up, got to her to confess to blasphemy, and subsequently a court found her guilty and put her on death row.

    Two weeks ago, the Pakistani supreme court quashed the ruling and as a result, the announcement of her acquittal provoked riots all over Pakistan as thousands of hard-line Islamists took to the street and demanded Ms Bibi's death.

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    There is no question that her life is in danger if she remains in Pakistan, but so far, the British Government have refused to offer her sanctuary and you have to ask why?

    I thought we were meant to be a tolerant and just nation? There should be no debate over this we should offer her sanctuary now.

    It beggars belief that this Government are letting Jihadist traitors (over 700 of them so far) come back to live in our green and pleasant land even though they have been in Syria and Iraq fighting with ISIS to destroy our very way of life.

    This Government have let in Merkel's migrants too, saying that they are unaccompanied children even though they have beards better than mine. Now we hear repeated stories of men as old as 30 being discovered in our classrooms.

    Another child migrant was so grateful for the sanctuary that he built a bomb out of Tupperware and nails on his foster parent's kitchen table and wanted to kill at least 90 people on the tube at Parsons Green.

    Anjem Choudary is back on the streets of London enjoying a McDonalds  - while foreign hate preachers are still peddling their filth in Mosques funded by the butchers of Saudi Arabia whilst we sell them weapons to kill innocent men, women and children in Yemen.

    Meanwhile the hard-line immigration Minister in Italy, Matteo Salvini has already offered Asia Bibi sanctuary. Yes, the same Matteo Salvini who the liberals and the social justice warriors portray as a fascist for his hard-line immigration policies.

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    The British Government's silence on this matter is deafening and you have to ask why they have not stepped in already to offer her automatic asylum?

    I find it hard to argue with the stance of Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association, that the Government is not offering Ms Bibi asylum because of fears of "potential unrest in this country", as well as attacks on our embassies.

    If true, this is as clear an example of any that this Government and Establishment are actually living in fear of Muslim extremists and proves that we have learned nothing since the ridiculous capitulation over the Salman Rushdie affair where a man was and is forced to live in hiding just for writing a book!

    However, none of this should really come as a surprise to anyone because let's face it here in the UK we have had a blasphemy law reintroduced by the back door. "This blasphemy law" only relates to one religion and that is Islam.

    Comedians, comedy shows and cartoonists have a fine tradition of ridiculing religion with everyone from Dave Allan through Monty Python, Father Ted to Jackie Mason. But if you dare to criticise Islam or the prophet then you risk arrest for a hate crime or even the bringing on of violent attacks which in their most extreme form end up with Charlie Hebdo.

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    If you are a Muslim and you believe that that you should not in any way shape or form draw pictures of your prophet that is your choice but there is no way that you can or should be allowed to impose your middle ages blasphemy laws on the rest of the predominantly non-Muslim population.

    Your religion should have no more protection than Tom Cruise's Scientology cult, if it is acceptable to take the proverbial out of Tom and his religion, then it should be perfectly okay to take the mick out of Islam.

    Anything less goes right against our long-cherished tradition of free expression and free speech.

    I do not want to live in a country with censorship and an unofficial Lord Chamberlain in the form of Twitter and Facebook telling me what I can and cannot say.

    Even worse is the creeping danger of the so-called chilling effect where we are all so scared of being accused of homophobia, transphobia or Islamophobia that we are constantly censoring ourselves and this is really dangerous. It will also drive real hatred underground and actually increase these so-called "phobias".

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    We should let Asia Bibi into the UK now and we should be prepared to fight fire with fire if there is any form of protest, intimidation, riots or violence.

    Anything short of this by our Government wouldn't just be appeasement it would actually be capitulation.

    Our Government should immediately show the strength of the collective British spirit and tolerance and offer her sanctuary and we should be willing to come down like a ton of bricks on anyone or any community who dare to try and stop this expression of humanity.

    I believe and it is my honest belief that most Brits believe that blasphemy laws belong in the Middle Ages and I do not see why we should compromise our values for any religion or any extremists.

    Views and opinions expressed in the article are those of Jon Gaunt and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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