17:12 GMT05 March 2021
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    Two entrepreneurs from New York have recently created a new surprising device for people tired of being glued to their phones. To find out more about the device, Radio Sputnik linked up with one of its inventors, Van Gould.

    The new device is called — NoPhone Air — and it is literally nothing, but a plastic package filled with air. The NoPhone is designed to help people get away from their phones for a while and contribute to the resolution of the phone addiction problem.

    "This is crazy how big this phone addiction problem has become. We created the device called NoPhone which is just a block of plastic you can hold," Gould told Sputnik.

    The prototype was presented at the Fireside Conference in Canada, which gathers members from the tech and innovation community, earlier this month. The new device is currently in its fundraising stages at KickStarter, with a price of 10 dollars.

    It sounds weird to walk around with a piece of empty plastic, but Gould thinks that the new "product" might help to partially solve the phone addiction problem.

    "When you look at it, it almost seems as if it is nothing inside of the packaging. You open it up and you put away your other phone, and you just kind of hold that NoPhone in your hand. […] It helps to get away from your phone. I think it is the main thing," he added. "It [the device] works pretty well."


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