Secret Service Plans Mysterious Drone Exercises Over Washington DC

Coming soon to a DC airspace near you: the unidentified flying objects otherwise known as drones. These will be courtesy of the US Secret Service, which says it’ll be flying drones in the DC area, but won’t comment on when and for how long.

The agency is pretty shy about saying when and where exactly they’ll be flying the drones, saying that it all being carefully planned with other government agencies and departments and it’ll be “tightly controlled.”

An intelligence staffer who had been drinking on Sunday night lost control of a small DJI Phantom 1 drone, crashing it into the White House lawn. He reported himself to the Secret Service on Monday morning. - Sputnik International
White House Drone Crash: Pilot Was Drunk Intelligence Staffer

The Secret Service, which is responsible for protecting the president, hasn’t given a reason for the drones exercise, but it’ll happen after some embarrassing moments for the agency, including several White House fence jumpers – one who made it all the way inside before he was tackled and taken away – and a recent incident with a government employee who was flying a recreational drone and accidentally crashed it into the White House grounds.

The Obama administration recently proposed rules for regulating the use of small private drones, including restricting drone flights to the daytime and that they remain below 500 feet in the air.

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