08:24 GMT02 March 2021
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    A UK enthusiast claims he is close to solving of one of the most chilling aviation mysteries in history - the mysterious disappearance of MH370 five years ago. This tragedy has fueled multiple hypotheses, from the missing Boeing being shot down or intercepted by another aicraft to being deliberately driven into the ocean by the pilot.

    MH370 sleuth Daniel Boyer, who believes that the doomed plane crashed in Cambodia's jungle, says that locals saw the aircraft go down just where he thinks it did.

    "I did get information that locals miles away have recalled a jetliner on its descent before crashing around the same area my coordinates fall on," he told the Daily Express.

    "A farmer even described the tail of the jetliner as having a dragon-like emblem, like MH370's," he added. Malaysia Airlines' corporate logo features a red-blue kite with crescent-like wings and a three-pronged tail.

    Boyer, an aspiring pilot from the UK, claims that he spotted the crash site when browsing through satellite images from Google Maps dated 2015. He insists that he has found the body of the missing Boeing lying northwest of Cambodia's capital in the jungle forest.

    Boyer's team was unable to reach the alleged crash site last month as there were "no paths" and "no roads" in the area, as he put it.

    Another jungle search, launched by British video producer Ian Wilson in November, was abandoned after it was deemed to be too dangerous.

    The search for MH370, which disappeared when flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014, has so far yielded no results.

    Despite plane hunters like Boyer and Wilson placing the possible crash site in Cambodia, the official version of events is that the plane did not make it across the South China Sea. Military radars, according to Malaysian authorities, showed that the Boeing turned around over the South China Sea and flew back across Malaysia, eventually landing somewhere in the southeastern Indian Ocean.

    Investigators have failed to identify who was responsible for flying the aircraft off course. An official report last July concluded that the plane's controls could have been manipulated by a third party.


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