13:51 GMT +330 March 2017
    Hurricane Matthew Satellite/Radar Footage

    Hurricane Matthew to Show Horrific Cost of Clinton Foundation Theft From Haiti

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    The Category 4 Hurricane set to devastate Haiti with 145MPH winds, 40 inches of rain, and 12 foot storm surge looks to be an unprecedented human tragedy with the country failing to recover after the 2010 earthquake with many in Haiti faulting the State Department, Clinton Foundation.

    Two weeks ago the former Senate President of Haiti Bernard Sansaricq told a crowd of Donald Trump supporters that the Clinton Foundation stole "billions" from the Haiti relief fund following the tragic earthquake that left some 316,000 people dead due to the cascade of weakly supported structures and an outbreak of cholera.

    The Clinton Foundation has been much maligned in the years that have followed for alleged malfeasance in their relief work following the 2010 natural disaster as Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time and decided to contract with the Foundation, despite the obvious conflict of interest, to provide for the relief effort.

    The Foundation reportedly raised $30 million for Haiti relief projects, but locals say that the projects never fully materialized while others point to luxury hotels that were allegedly constructed with relief funds in order to benefit the country’s ruling establishment.

    Haiti now finds itself in as vulnerable a state as it has ever been with a Category 4 Hurricane barreling in its direction with winds expected to be in excess of 145MPH at landfall (with gusts of 170MPH) which is predicted to do catastrophic damage to the shanty structures that remain years later.

    The howling winds are expected to be the least of the catastrophe, however, as the storm is forecast to move slowly or stall over Haiti dumping in excess of 40 inches of rain over a three day period while ripping up a storm surge of 12 feet above normal sea level inundating the country with massive flooding and horrific landslides.

    International humanitarian groups already worry about the potential for a renewed outbreak of cholera for those who can survive the excessive winds and flooding caused by the high seas and torrential downpours from the catastrophic hurricane.

    The potential for loss of life resulting from Matthew is almost unimaginable given the country’s vulnerability with the crisis only further exacerbated by the failings of the relief effort in 2010 by the Clinton Foundation – whether or not it was the result of corruption or simply a failure.

    Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s worse failure as Secretary of State will be on television screens around the world in less than 24-hours as the Haitian people face a hell that is almost unimaginable – an October surprise that may very well thrust Donald Trump to the presidency, but a surprise that is no better than a horror show laden with the terror and hardship that awaits those who can survive the storm in Haiti.


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    • Al
      This is not just another coincident, they will destroy Haiti and all the evidence so that they don't get prosecuted. This storm is not a natural one, it's a weapon being unleashed on Haiti by the Clintons.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      What else is new ! Everyone knows how corrupt that foundation is.......people are beginning to realize that this foundation is a front for theft and money laundering and an institution for criminal leaders to pay out for political protection and avoid international prosecution.
    • avatar
      Johnny Canuck
      How much more can the poor People of Haiti take from the Clintons and Bushes? Even France has a chip on their shoulder because of what these People did, take their Freedom!

      My heart goes out to these People who must now endure some more of Natural Disasters. Even Canada is only interested in Mining the place for Minerals such as Iridium. Everybody wants to take, but not give anything. We'll see how these posers present themselves when this latest didater does it's thing.

      For now, all we can do is pray and hope they are spared the worst scenarios.
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