11:47 GMT25 June 2021
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    In the UK, Johnson is well known among the tabloid press for his turbulent love life, multiple marriages, and fathering at least six children. President Biden, meanwhile, has raised eyebrows and given some Americans the heebie-jeebies over his penchant for hair-sniffing, kissing, and other awkward behaviour around the opposite sex.

    President Joe Biden opened up a can of cringe online after joking with his British counterpart Boris Johnson about what the two men “have in common.”

    “I’m thrilled to be here. Thrilled to meet your wife,” Biden said, chatting with Johnson in front of media during his first visit to the UK as president on Thursday. “I told the prime minister we have something in common: we both married way above our stations,” he joked.

    “I’m not – I’m not going to – I’m not going to descend from that one,” Johnson nervously replied as Biden laughed. “I’m not going to disagree with the president on that or indeed on anything else, I think highly likely,” he added before turning to the media for questions.

    The exchange was caught on cameras and quickly went viral, with users not sure quite what to make of both men’s comments.

    Some critics of Biden urged Johnson’s wife Carrie to “watch out” for the president amid his penchant for inappropriate behaviour around women other than his wife.

    Others went after Johnson, asking “which" of the prime minister’s three wives Biden was referring to.

    Others simply sought to express that they were creeped out by the exchange, or attacked Johnson for his display of deference to the American leader.

    Biden arrived in the UK on Thursday as part of his larger Euro trip, which will see him speaking with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week. In their meeting, Biden and Johnson discussed defence and security issues, the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland, trade, the president’s global tax plan and other issues.


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