18:26 GMT16 April 2021
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    The man injured his leg after he crashed his bike and is now recovering at Chipinge District Hospital.

    A biker in Zimbabwe claims he skidded off the motorway and crashed last Friday after seeing a UFO. 

    Richman Myambo, 47, from the town of Chipinge says he was riding home when he saw a light in the sky, ZBC News reported. A loud sound apparently followed which caused him to lose control of his motorcycle. He was then rushed to hospital.

    “I was traveling home on my motorbike at around 9 am when I witnessed a strange light traveling in the sky,” he said.

    “I tried to concentrate on riding, but what made me fall was the sound that followed after the light. I then fell off the bike due to panic. I thought I was dying,” he continued.

    Myambo also claims he witnessed the UFO itself, describing it as an object that looked like “a rocket with fire on its back."

    The injured biker insisted that he was “100% sober" but was very confused.

    “I thought I had encountered those strange things people see in dark and thick forests,” Myambo said.

    Locals also reported a bright light followed by a loud bang, with some describing it as a “collision of two stars."

    The district Meteorological Services Department confirmed the reports but has not yet issued an official statement, ZBC News reported.

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