03:38 GMT03 March 2021
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    The politician’s unfortunate gaffe will surely be remembered – at least among confused Twitter users.

    US Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer made Twitter go wild on Friday after his accidental slip of the tongue. As the politician was providing the Senate details on Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial, he aimed to blame the former president for inciting insurrection during the US Capitol riots on 6 January, but accused him of inciting an “erection” instead.

    ​As it usually happens with awkward slip-ups, Twitter users were there to make it a trending topic.

    ​Ironically, US news anchor Anderson Cooper made the exact same gaffe just days ago. While being live on air, the journalist said that the ex-president “did incite an erection” on the US Capitol – and netizens were quick to notice. 

    ​Schumer’s awkward flub came as he was informing his colleagues in the Senate that Trump's impeachment article will be delivered to the chamber on Monday. He added that the procedure will start a trial that could ban Trump from taking office ever again. 

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