16:09 GMT27 January 2021
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    While quite a few netizens seemed eager to crack jokes on the occasion, there were also those who seemed more annoyed than amused by the deal.

    The announcement of the Brexit Deal that arrived on Christmans Eve has quickly sent ripples across social media, as the the UK and the EU have finally hammered out a trade agreement following months of intense negotiations.

    While UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson went on to hold a press conference announcing the deal, followed EU Commission Chief Von der Leyen and EU Chief Negotiator Barnier holding a similar event in Brussels, many social media users went on to crack joke on the subject, some poking fun at how the UK government allegedly presented said deal.

    A number of people, however, seemed more displeased rather than amused by the deal.

    And there were also those who wondered whether BoJo might've been "trawling" the EU with the help of a certain garment.

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