00:37 GMT02 December 2020
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    This alleged UFO sighting serves as evidence that aliens sometimes "get tired of looking at computer screens" and want to get a better view of what's happening on our planet's surface, the blogger speculated.

    Yet another peculiar-looking phenomenon that may or may not have something to do with UFOs has recently been brought to the attention of the social media crowd thanks to the efforts of Scott C. Waring, prolific blogger and author with a penchant for seeking out various strange-looking shapes.

    Describing his findings in his blog, Waring pointed to a video (whose veracity couldn't immediately be confirmed) that was apparently recorded near the city of Silay in the Philippines and allegedly depicts "a UFO hiding in the cloud".

    It wasn't immediately clear whether the person who uploaded the video in question on YouTube actually wanted to suggest that they spotted an extraterrestrial craft as they did not provide any in-depth description for the video save for the title, "UFO captured - Beautiful view in the sky", which could've just been a way of describing the shape of a cloud.

    Waring, however, offered his own interpretation of the video's contents, arguing that one can "easily see the mist of the cloud the UFO is hiding in".

    "The bottom clouds are rough and make a good base for it, but the top is clearly designed to be see-through so that they can see with their own eyes...the ground and life below", he mused.

    The blogger also suggested that "aliens get tired of looking at computer screens and want to a more interesting view of real life", adding that the video in question serves as "evidence of such an event".

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