07:02 GMT05 December 2020
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    Some netizens did not seem particularly inclined to believe that the object in the video was a UFO or some other inexplicable phenomenon, offering a rather mundane explanation to what they've witnessed.

    A number of social media users were left scratching their heads as a video as a strange shape allegedly got caught on camera from the International Space Station while floating above our planet, with the resulting footage making its way online.

    As the owner of the MrMBB333 YouTube channel said, the video (whose veracity couldn't be immediately confirmed) was sent to him by a subscriber identified only as Mary H., and depicts looks like some kind of "multicolored" oval shape that gets "eclipsed very rapidly".

    The uploader also insisted that he uploaded the video as he received it, and that he has no idea what the object featured in the vid is, arguing that it does not look like the moon or Venus.

    While some netizens appeared puzzled by the spectacle they've witnessed, there were also those who offered a rather mundane explanation by suggesting that the object in question was merely a satellite.

    And yet another user argued that the obkect in the video was actually Venus, "with atmospheric distortion causing the egg shape from being low on horizon and blinking like any other planet or star", adding that while they generally appreciate the uploader's vids, "this one is grasping at very weak straws".
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