21:03 GMT08 August 2020
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    If there is anything we've learned from Hollywood movies about sharks, especially great white sharks responsible for the most fatal attacks on humans, it's that one mustn't draw any attention from these predators and avoid any sudden movements, unless you are an Aussie, then you can do whatever you want.

    An Australian fisherman calmly inserted his hand in the water to film a great white shark that attacked the boat he was riding in. Lee Ferguson and his brother Adam were fishing for snapper in Perth when they suddenly noticed "a big fish" that was following the burley trail – a mixture that is used to lure fish. Several minutes later the two brothers realised that they had encountered the infamous apex predator, which started circling around the boat and then attacked the vessel.

    The shark rammed into the boat and then started biting chunks out of it. Most of us would have run to grab a harpoon or a bigger weapon, but Lee just shouted "oi, oi! Go away" before he decided to put his hand with a GoPro camera in the water very close to the shark’s mouth. The footage shows the predator with its mouth wide open and is so breathtaking that for a second you might think you're watching Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.

    ​This is not the first time that an Australian has been involved in a daring encounter with an apex predator. However, most cases end up tragically. Just two days ago, a 17-year-old died in the state of New South Wales after being attacked by what authorities say was a great white shark. The second fatal attack this week.

    On 4 July, a 20-year-old man in Queensland died after he was attacked by a shark while scuba diving. Paramedics arrived at the scene quickly, however the man lost a lot of blood and they couldn’t save him. This is the fourth fatal attack in Australia this year. In 2019, 10 people died during encounters with apex predators.

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