09:30 GMT23 April 2021
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    The 42-year-old singer, who is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump and his policies, has been critical of the Democratic Party in recent years. The artist claimed that the Democrats have manipulated black voters in the US and urged African Americans not to flock to the party as a voting bloc.

    Kanye West caused a stir on social media after saying that life is better under President Donald Trump than his predecessor Barack Obama. West made the statement in an interview with the GQ magazine. "I buy real estate. It’s better now than when Obama was in office. They don’t teach you in school about buying property. They teach you how to become somebody’s property", the singer said.

    West, who is married to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, said he would vote for Trump in the upcoming election and criticised people who are opposed to his choice and tell him to vote Democrat. "I was told my career would end if I wasn’t with her. What kind of campaign is that, anyway?" West asked, referring to 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign slogan "I’m with her".

    The singer’s comments drew a barrage of criticism on social media.

    ​Some netizens said that life may have become better under Trump, but only for the rich.

    ​Other netizens disagreed with West and joked that Trump is paying the rapper for his laudatory comments.

    ​Some users contended that West, known for his provocative behaviour, is only seeking attention.

    ​Despite the fact that most of the comments were negative, there were users who agreed that life has got better under Trump.

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