20:20 GMT04 July 2020
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    Describing the enigmatic objects, Waring argued that the alleged UFO and the “ancient alien base” he found were previously concealed by ice and snow that melted during the “warm years”.

    Prolific conspiracy theorist and alien hunter extraordinaire Scott C. Waring has recently unveiled yet another discovery he made by browsing digital maps, claiming that this time, he found a UFO and an alien base located in the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

    As Waring explained in his blog ET Database, he stumbled upon what he described as a "TR3-B craft" - apparently a reference to the so called "black triangle" conspiracy theory – while examining the surface of the Lavoisier Island via Google Earth (though the veracity of his discoveries couldn't be immediately confirmed).

    "The triangle craft has a hump in the middle and a thicker edge with three sides", he notes. "It looks metallic and its sitting in an area which appears to be the location of an ancient alien base".

    Arguing that his find "was revealed after warm years had melted the ice and snow", Waring claimed that this discovery is "100 percent evidence that aliens have lived on Earth long before humanity ever made cites".

    Previously, the UFO hunter made quite a few bold claims, including alleged traces of life on Mars and a suspected underwater alien base off the coast of Mexico.

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