14:06 GMT12 April 2021
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    Veteran of the American hip-hop scene, Talib Kweli Greene, known for his collaborations with the world's most famous rappers and his eight solo albums, has had a few rough days after trading insults with Russian musicians on Twitter. The rap star even accused them of having racist views.

    It all started with a Twitter clash between rapper Talib Kweli and Russian hip-hop artists SD and I1. Kweli, 44, accused the Russian hip-hop scene of being racist and supporters of the Nazi movement, while sharing a pic featuring some of the country's most well-known rappers. In the said photo one of the musicians was spotted demonstrating what could be perceived as a Nazi salute.

    Kweli's reaction provoked a conflict with many of the country's rappers and caused a massive response from their fans. Some of them even started trolling the artist for his verbal assaults by posting fake pics allegedly featuring Russian artists with swastika attributes and Nazi-related paraphernalia. The rapper did not appear to get the humour and promised to "end" the careers of those alleged Russian Nazi artists on the hip-hop scene. 

    Following the trolling, Kweli even reposted a scene from the Russian anti-fascist satirical comedy "Hitler Kaput", featuring another Russian hip hop star Timati, while accusing the artist not only of racism but also of blatant imitation.

    "I’m currently being trolled by Russian rap fans in droves posting straight up Nazi propaganda. The Russian hiphop scene is extremely racist. It’s being led by racists like @sdthaking and @i1official”, Kweli wrote on Instagram.

    His Twitter battle still continues...

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