15:04 GMT30 November 2020
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    Dan Cooper is an alias of one of the most mysterious skyjackers in US history whose identity remains unknown until this day. The man hijacked a Seattle-bound Boeing 727 on 24 November 1971 and managed to parachute out of the plane with ransom money. The crime remains unsolved as he was never caught or seen again after he left the airplane.

    US Senator Ted Cruz has unleashed a Twitterstorm after he jokingly confessed on Sunday via Twitter that he was the legendary hijacker D.B. Cooper.

    Cruz replied to a post by the Federal Bureau of Investigation detailing Cooper's story with three simple words: I did it.

    His off the cuff remark immediately sent ripples across social media with netizens reviving the rumours of Cruz's links to other 20th century conspiracies, including the mock theory that the politician was in fact the notorious Zodiac Killer.

    With the impeachment probe into Trump is in full swing, other users warned Cruz that his "confession" would suffice for the Dems to start proceedings against him.

    Meanwhile, others provided their own vision of Cooper's personality.

    In 1971, a man in a black suit and tie, calling himself Dan Cooper, boarded a Boeing 727 flying from Portland to Seattle, and told a flight attendant he had explosives in his briefcase, handing her a note with a ransom demand. As the plane landed, D.B. Cooper released the passengers in exchange for $200,000 and four parachutes, before ordering the aircraft to fly to Mexico. He jumped out of the jet near the Washington-Oregon border and was never seen again.

    The FBI immediately launched an investigation, but the crime remains unsolved. The bureau never ruled out the possibility that D.B. Cooper was killed in the jump.

    Ted Cruz was born in December 1970, less than a year before the hijack took place.

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