07:52 GMT17 February 2020
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    A book, falsely claiming to have been written by the famous clinical psychologist and his daughter and that purportedly describes their much-discussed controversial meat-only diet, recently secured the top spot in the "Toxicology" section in the Amazon book store.

    Dr Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila have informed their lawyers about the book "Our Carnivore Diet", currently sold on Amazon and fraudulently attributed to them, but failed to do so in time to prevent it from hitting the electronic store’s shelves, The Post Millennial reported.

    Mikhaila told the media outlet that she and her dad had been contacted by Johnny Rockermeier, a German YouTuber reportedly behind the book, who informed them of his intent to publish it. She added that they forwarded Rockermeier's email to their lawyers and sought to prohibit him from publishing it, but to no avail.

    "We said, ‘No you can’t do that’. That was two weeks ago. Our lawyers didn’t get on it fast enough. I don’t know why Amazon isn’t more on top of this kind of thing. It’s happened before", she stated.

    At the same time, many netizens on Twitter started extending their support to the Petersons, who are said to have started receiving tons of negative and even threatening emails due to the book, which they didn’t write.

    Some pointed out that those who have attacked them online have for the most part not apologised or retracted their statements, even after the two Petersons officially denied authoring the book.

    Several netizens wondered how anyone could believe that the book was written by the two, especially considering its cover.

    Still, numerous twitterians are continuing to attack Jordan Peterson over the "Our Carnivore Diet".

    The scandalous book is apparently based on excerpts taken from posts, speeches, and podcasts by Jordan Peterson and his daughter on the controversial "meat only" diet, which was devised and promoted by Mikhaila. Both of them claim that eating only beef, water, and salt has greatly boosted their health, although professional nutritionists are highly sceptical of the diet's effectiveness.


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