13:27 GMT13 August 2020
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    Politicians get to answer lots of tough questions during their career. People grill them on everything – from their economic agenda, to their religious views. But one woman has decided to beat everyone.

    UKIP founder Alan Sked knew that when he would appear at the LBC radio station to discuss Brexit and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan, the conversation would be anything but easy - and this turned out to be the case. At the beginning, nothing indicated that there would be trouble. A woman named Liz told Sked, a history professor, that decisions in Britain are not made on a straw poll, referring to the Brexit referendum.

    Several minutes later, things started heating up. The woman accused Sked of wanting to leave the European Union on “some sovereignty hunt”, to which he replied that the party wants to leave the bloc because it wants democratic independence and self-government. This is when the woman said: “Tell me, have you been eating unicorns for breakfast and every meal since the referendum?”

    What does one reply to that? Sked’s answer “I am sorry you lost” was praised by listeners.

    Other social media users reprimanded the caller for baseless arguments.

    ​Alan Sked formed UKIP in 1991 with the aim of withdrawing Britain from the European Union. In 2016, Britain voted to leave the bloc. Three years later, Brussels and London still can’t decide on the terms of a withdrawal agreement, with the Irish backstop and customs union remaining the main stumbling blocks.

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