00:01 GMT21 April 2021
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    Experts believe when the meteor faded from view it would have been only 12 to 18 miles from the earth's surface.

    Residents from Tasmania and Victoria in southern Australia shared footage of an object flying across the horizon on Saturday evening. One can see the night sky lit up by a bright blue-and-white light when the meteor was passing, its tail stretching behind. 

    "We think this object was at least about the size of a soccer ball," astronomer Martin George from the Queen Victoria Museum's Planetarium said as quoted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He added that when the meteor faded away it would have only been 12 to 18 miles above the surface of the earth. 

    Eyewitnesses also said that when the meteor flew by they could hear the windows shaking. "The noise was something I will never forget. Imagine a jet going past on fire," one of them said. 

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