04:53 GMT19 February 2020
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    In a video posted on 12 September titled “My 100 Mil Award Broke”, PewDiePie gave reasons for his change of heart over the previously-made decision to donate money to the US Anti-Defamation League. However, it was the YouTube star’s choice of attire that found itself in the internet spotlight.

    A recent PewDiePie video ignited the internet, with fans launching into a heated debate after confusion over what the YouTuber was wearing.

    The shirt that Pewds had on is thought to be designed by Georgian Demna Gvasalia, with symbols decorating the collar actually representing a national Georgian symbol - the Bolnisi Cross.

    Many viewers, however, were quick to mistake it for the Iron Cross, a German military medal which was turned into a Nazi symbol by having the swastika super-imposed on it.

    The video featured Felix Kjellberg, commonly known as PewDiePie, admitting that his contribution to Jewish charity ADL (Anti-Defamation League) was a “mistake”.

    Earlier in the week, YouTube star PewDiePie had promised a hefty donation to the US Anti-Defamation League, but unexpectedly backtracked just two days later.

    "I made a mistake of picking a charity that I was advised instead of picking a charity I am personally passionate about, which is 100% my fault," he said on 12 September.

    However, it was the shirt that Pewds was wearing that set off a Twitter storm.

    The ensuing debate split the fans, with many jumping to PewDiePie’s defence and pointing out the similarity of the two symbols:

    ​Others cast doubt on whether it was a wise choice for the 29-year-old to wear the shirt in a video about a charity that fights anti-Semitism, and cited other “sketchy moments”:



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