08:54 GMT14 August 2020
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    A man has voiced concern about a discovery in a Californian town where dead insects were found covering the ground between two unidentified poles. While some commenters pointed out that this might have nothing to do with 5G, others shared in the alarm. However, the authenticity of the clip has not been confirmed.

    The video, titled “Bees dying under 5G poles”, which was filmed by a YouTuber in California’s Sierra Madre, has gone viral, scaring users over the possible impact of the superfast 5G network on human health and, at least, the environment. A man with the user handle Philip Sites posted a clip showing numerous dead bees scattered on the ground between two poles that he linked to the next-generation mobile networks. According to him, he could hear them dropping while he was filming his video.

    “They have these things and they don’t even know if they’re safe for people. But I can tell you they’re not safe for our environment because it is killing bees all over the place”, he is heard saying in the video, also claiming that he did not see any bees when he went further from the poles.

    According to the man, he had seen the dead insects there before, but could not put his finger on the reason for the “plague”; however, he then started hearing more about the Wi-Fi and 5G. The man called on his viewers to think about what it might be doing to their health.

    His “revelations” soon found a way to Facebook groups, calling for the expansion of 5G to be stopped. Many commenters backed his concerns.

    “This is sad but true. I had a beekeeper in my neighborhood with a couple of descent hives that he had been keeping from last 5-7years. As soon as a 4G signal tower was installed in his backyard, unfortunately hardly within 6-7 months all his bees vanished... feeling sad but it is through...” one user posted.

    However, some seemed more sceptical about his claims, saying they might not be 5G poles.

    “5G has only been installed in major cities, dude. It's not in Sierra Madre and it probably never will be”, a user under the handle Pope Facto noted.


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