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    Almost One Third of Food Delivery Workers Admit to Sampling Customer Food - Survey

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    Next time you order food delivered, you’d do well to check that no one has taken a bite out of it, because there is an almost one in three chance that the courier could not resist the temptation of the smell of your delicious curry.

    More than a quarter of food delivery workers admitted to snacking on customer food before delivering it, a new survey has revealed.

    The shocking discovery was made during a survey initially intended to help “understand the habits and pain points of consumers who use popular food delivery apps,” according to The Daily Mail.

    According to the survey, performed by US Foods, a leading US food service distributor, and covering 2,015 respondents, 28 percent of couriers have taken a bite of an order, while only 21 percent of customers suspect that it has happened to them, the Mail reported Monday.

    When asked how much, on a scale of 1 to 10, the aberrant behavior would anger them, customer replies averaged at 8.5, indicating a significant degree of displeasure. The vast majority of respondents – 85 percent – said they would like to have anti-tampering seals on their order to prevent the theft.

    Over half of couriers reportedly admitted to being “tempted” by the smell of the food they deliver.

    When asked to rank the most common complaint, however, food theft was not on top; instead, customers mostly complained about the food not being warm or fresh enough (17 percent), followed by late deliveries (16 percent), and incorrect order deliveries (12 percent).

    Couriers also have their share of complaints, with at least 60 percent complaining about poor or no tipping. Half of couriers put the blame on restaurants, saying that the food not being ready on time is a constant concern. Others chastised customers for providing incorrect instructions, which they say attribute to wrong or late deliveries, the Mail report says.


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