06:56 GMT05 June 2020
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    Swedish blogger Felix Kjellberg, better known to the world as PewDiePie, has amassed nearly 100 million subscribers on YouTube and a trail of scandals, including anti-Semitism accusations. As “his partner in crime” of many years revealed, he has to share this burden with him.

    PewDiePie’s editor Brad has shared how working with one of the biggest YouTube stars impacted his life in an interview with the Metro.

    “It’s a weird double-edged sword because sometimes it’s fun and sometimes I can monetise that… But then sometimes I’m just treated like PewDiePie’s customer service!” the man, who has been with the Swedish vlogger dubbed the King of YouTube since 2015, said.

    Brad, describing himself as a “sarcastic nihilist” and a “cynical old man”, revealed that he does not really see PewDiePie’s almost 100 million subscribers on YouTube as individual people. He suggested that otherwise he would be crippled with anxiety.

    “I’m more aware when there’s some sort of scandal or something horrible goes wrong,” he told the outlet, noting that although he gets concerned for Felix Kjellberg, which is PewDiePie’s real name, as his friend sometimes.

    Although he jokingly noted that when the vlogger screws up he is “just there with everyone else with the pitchforks”, Brad also admitted that the association with the popular YouTuber has affected his career.

    “I’ve genuinely had situations where people have said they won’t work with me on a project due to my association with Felix. I see it like I dodged a bullet. Like, I don’t want to work with you anyway. I kind of like it when people respond to me in that way. It’s like an immediate red flag,” the Pewds’ editor noted.

    He also defended the blogger and his friend, whom he jokingly dubbed “sociopath” and a “horrible person.”

    “The thing that comes out from all of his scandals is he’s a decent guy. He’s very down to earth, he’s very normal…That’s the reason he got to that position in the first place. I really have never seen him as King PewDiePie of YouTube – probably in real life he’s a little underwhelming!” Brad revealed.

    At the same time, he took a critical stance towards the platform that gave PewDiePie his popularity around the globe. He slammed the way it works now, “funneling the money and views upwards” and forcing YouTubers “who wouldn’t do that kind of content to do it.”

    “I hate it all. I genuinely hate the absolute state of YouTube for the most part. I don’t think it’s entirely the creators’ fault [but] I think there are a lot of creators that abuse the system to quickly blow up their channel and their ego along with it,” he lamented.



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