05:03 GMT19 February 2020
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    The incident mentioned by the British journalist took place last week, when Meghan Markle and two of her close friends were in the royal box at the Wimbledon tournament to watch Serena Williams play.

    UK journalist Piers Morgan, co-host of Good Morning Britain, has hit out at Meghan Markle in light of claims that her security team prevented people from taking pictures of the Duchess of Sussex and ex-Hollywood actress at Wimbledon last Saturday.

    Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Morgan said that “this is so ridiculous, this obsession that her and Harry have about privacy".

    “A – it’s rankling hypocritical, b – they’re not private people. They’re the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for that we get to pay for their mansion”, he added, urging Markle to “go back to America and live privately”.

    “You go to Wimbledon on your free tickets, in the royal box the best seats in the house, and you take your two bezzies, and they sit there next to you and they’re getting free seats in the best place in the house. ‘You’re public people. All of you. In that moment you’re public people. Stop your squealing about privacy. We don’t want to hear it”, he said.

    Morgan’s remarks came after former BBC and ITV commentator Sally Jones told The Telegraph that she was taking photos of Serena Williams when a member of the royal protection team asked her not to do so as Meghan Markle was seated in the box.

    “Watching Serena Williams in action on Court 1 at Wimbledon, I was happily snapping shots of the superstar American powering down huge serves when I felt a tap on my shoulder. ‘Would you not take photographs of the Duchess’, a voice ordered politely. ‘She’s here in a private capacity’”, Jones said.

    Most Twitter users have, meanwhile, supported Morgan’s criticism, claiming that Markle is “ruining the image of the royal family” and that “she seems to think she’s bigger and better than the rest of them”. One user went further by describing Markle as a “pain in the butt”.

    “If she wants privacy, I’m sure they have a large screen TV at home. In a public place, things are public. Should people wish to publish or sell the pictures then that is another matter. Or is it? Never was before”, one user noted.

    Some netizens, however, pointed the finger at Morgan for allegedly targeting Meghan because of her race. The user Keniakiki wondered whether the UK journalist’s rant is aimed at “the only black member of the royal family”.


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