18:48 GMT18 April 2021
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    While the president appeared to dismiss claims about a UFO wreckage being stored at a US airbase, he noted that he has an “open mind”.

    During an interview with Fox News, US President Donald Trump has announced that when all is said and done, he does not really believe in the existence of some unidentified alien craft flying across our skies.

    "Well, I don't want to really get into it too much.  But personally, I tend to doubt it", Trump told Tucker Carlson.

    The president added that while he does not consider himself a "believer", he also remarked that "anything is possible", referring to reports of alleged UFO sightings.

    "I mean, you have people that swear by it, right? And pilots have come in and they said -- and these are pilots that have -- not pilots that are into that particular world, but we have had people saying that they've seen things", Trump remarked.

    He also noted that the does not "assume" that the claim made by one government official about the US being in possession of a UFO wreck is "correct", adding, however, that he has "an open mind".

    The president’s remarks quickly sent ripples across social media, with people discussing what the US government might really know about extraterrestrial spacecraft.

    Some opted to break out jokes about space aliens and politics instead.

    And there was also no shortage of Trump’s detractors who seized on the opportunity to lash out against him.


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