11:38 GMT04 August 2020
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    HBO's new teen drama has generated loads of buzz and controversy due to depictions of drug use and sex, with the second episode of the show featuring a bajillion penises in one scene.

    Forget the "30 penises in one scene" situation, because the latest episode of HBO's series, "Euphoria", has triggered fans of English-Irish boy band One Direction after the show's creators included an unexpected animated scene, depicting Harry Styles performing oral sex on former bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

    The sequence brought one character's fan fiction to life and actually used a real-life example of a fan conspiracy theory about Styles and Tomlinson's alleged secret romance during their time in the band by referring to the pair as Larry Stylinson.

    As many One Direction fans have blasted HBO for being "disrespectful" to the guys, Tomlinson replied to one of them that he "can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it".

    Upon becoming aware that the animated sex scene was not approved by Tomlinson, many fans flooded social media, calling for the ex-bandmates to sue HBO for using their names in such a context without their permission:

    There's even a petition to remove the scene from the episode that at the time of the writing has amassed over 13,300 signatures.

    "This is beyond disgusting and shouldn’t have been incorporated into the show. I’d like to see it be removed or at least altered in the show. I’d like to see HBO remove the names of the characters as a last resort", it reads.

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