12:16 GMT01 June 2020
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    Tesla shareholders are not very fond of Elon Musk’s social media escapades, having repeatedly shown discontent over his spontaneous tweets having a lasting effect on the car firm’s stock price movements.

    In what appears to be the latest and most bizarre move so far, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla – or someone acting on his behalf or pretending to be him – has tweeted that he has “deleted his Twitter account.”

    He didn’t apparently stop at that, also changing his Twitter handle to “DaddyDotCom.” The latter notably rings a bell with many, as there is a famed portal called daddy.com, which provides nearl minted or expecting fathers with parenting tips “you need to know.”

    He also changed his profile photo, ditching the image of an astronaut sitting on a car in favour of a pitch-black image.

    Despite most of us being no stranger to the SpaceX boss’ social media antics, the bizarre turn of events couldn’t help but raise eyebrows online, with the entrepreneur’s account being followed by a whopping 27 million people:

    “Whaaat? We’ve just started,” one Twitter user posted, while another wrote as if he were Musk himself:

    “Luckily I, Elon Musk, have this second account which is definitely run by me.” Or, is he?

    ….with the comment prompting another one to suggest “Elon has been in love with himself this whole time.”

    Other Twitter users, meanwhile, expressed their endorsement over the deletion…

    ...while many more asked him “please not to” deprive them of Musk’s “gems:”


    One even suggested Musk is in no need of a parody account:

    Memes naturally also came in torrents:

    The latest controversy occurred as he shared a piece of art on his account without crediting the creator, prompting a storm online. When asked to do so, he flat out refused and argued that crediting an artist on Twitter equates to destroying the medium. Musk proceeded to delete the entire conversation, but not before a few screenshots were captured.

    Musk hasn’t been merely baffling his subscriber base, but also the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which has called him to task over a series tweets that were found to be severely affecting Tesla’s stock prices.

    Musk was sued by the SEC in 2018 after falsely claiming he had secured funding for a buyout of EV auto-maker company Tesla, leading to a settlement whereby Musk was required to receive legal preapproval for tweets that could affect Tesla’s share price, as well as step down from his CEO position.


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