08:41 GMT05 July 2020
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    Looking reluctant to dig into all the gory and possibly unsavoury details related to the scandal, which involves accusations of adultery and sexting, Pewds focused on what he thinks is really important – memes.

    Felix Kjellberg, a YouTube celebrity better known by his online army as PewDiePie, recently delivered a verbal jab against another popular YouTuber, Jared Knabenbauer a.k.a. ProJared, after the latter found himself facing accusations of exchanging nude images with fans via SnapChat and Tumblr.

    According to Dexerto, the allegations were first brought forward by ProJared’s wife who also accused her husband of infidelity.

    This fresh barrage of mockery was delivered by Pewds in style, via a “Meme Review” video, refusing to go into the gory details – “that’s for Pew News”, he said – arguing instead that “what’s important here, it’s the memes”, including those related to the scandal.

    "Cheats on wife… with best friend… while sharing nudes online…with minors! ProJared is the final form of epic gamer", one user commented on the video.

    "Like jontron said: Even flex tape can't fix a broken marriage", quipped another.

    "Pro Jared: loses 100,000 subs in one day. James Charles: hold my palette", chuckled a third.

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    This week, PewDiePie also broached another scandal which recently sent ripples across YouTube, making a tongue-in-cheek remark on Twitter about a row between two internet celebrities and famous beauty bloggers James Charles and Tati Westbrook.


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