06:41 GMT09 August 2020
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    While his own sketch drawing of the iconic video game figure has attracted an eye-watering sum on the auctioning website EBay, some viral Sonic-related memes couldn’t but cause the Swedish vlogger to rave and storm in despair.

    A new video has come out on Pewds' channel, with the YouTuber, an avid former Sonic game player, naming the 12-minute clip a "Sonic-focused meme review". Uploading the pictures of proposed Sonic pictures and fixes to the hedgehog's image for Sega's video trailer, Felix Kjellberg expressively makes a point during the camera's focus on a Sonic idol, the image of which has made rounds on the Internet:

    "Oh God why? If I could remove anything from planet Earth it would be the Sonic totem".

    "'What hurts the most is that Sonic actually used to be cool", Pewds confessed in the video.

    "Once the trailer is out, is anyone surprised that this is the best they could come up with?" he asks, adding that "it's a curse", with an apparent reference to the much criticised human-like looks of the cartoon character, who appears to be worlds apart from the iconic video game creature in the past.

    The controversy around the character arose as the Sega-released trailer for the Sonic movie, due to hit screens on 7 November, met a barrage of criticism on social networks as soon as it saw the light of day last week.

    In response, director Jeff Fowler even took to Twitter to address the backlash, informing the public that he was fully aware of the critical remarks about the character's design, in particular with regard to Sonic's creepily human-like physique.

    PewDiePie, an individual creator who recently ditched his 11-month-long effort to compete with an Indian commercial enterprise, T-Series for YouTube supremacy, also weighed in on the Sonic-centred debate, proposing his own fix for the character who is due to underlie the upcoming movie.

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    Over the weekend, Pewds' schematic version of Sonic, drawn based on childhood memories, attracted a nearly $1.5 million bid on EBay, paving the way for the raw cartoon image presented in Sega's trailer to be redesigned.


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