00:00 GMT02 October 2020
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    The map unveiled by the president allegedly depicted how the terrorists lost ground in Syria and Iraq during his presidency, but the social media crowd, it seems, had other ideas.

    US President Donald Trump has apparently managed to help create another meme thanks to his creative use of supplemental materials while discussing Middle Eastern politics with journalists.

    During a meeting with the press on the White House lawn this Wednesday, Trump presented a map which allegedly depicted areas controlled by Daesh* in Syria before his presidency and today.

    ​"Everything in the red was on election night in 2016. Everything in red is ISIS", Trump claimed. "When I took over it was a mess. Now, on the bottom, that's the exact same, there is no red".

    Many social media users who apparently aren’t too fond of Trump and his policies, however, quickly pounced on this opportunity to poke fun at the president, and a barrage of memes ensued.

    ​The US president wasn’t the first leader to receive such treatment online, as several years ago Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a somewhat cartoonish drawing of a bomb to illustrate the Iranian nuclear program during his speech at the UN General Assembly, and the social media crowd took notice.

    *Daesh (also known as Islamic State, IS, ISIS, ISIL) is a terrorist group outlawed in numerous countries, including Russia.


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