23:20 GMT10 April 2021
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    However absurd the idea of rendering Santa neither male, nor female might seem, there are many who supported it, seeing this as a move to update longstanding Christmas traditions, and perhaps breathe a new life into them.

    Santa Claus should be gender neutral according to over 15 percent of Britons, and nearly one in five surveyed Americans, a poll on how to modernise the traditional religious holiday, carried out by Graphic Springs, found.

    Some of the overall 400 people surveyed suggested that Santa get tattooed, take off his iconic suit and change into skinny jeans, as well as pick a hover board instead of a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

    However, many expressed mixed reactions, with Twitter users increasingly opposing the gender neutral Santa:

     "I'm all for equality but the idea that we should make Santa gender neutral or female is ridiculous!” one Twitterian wrote, with another stating “you cannot change history”: “Nicholas, the guy who started the whole stocking hanging thing was a man!!" he exclaimed.

    “Why do people waste their energy getting angry about such obvious bullshit?” another expressed.

    Others shared the same view:

    Meanwhile, some social media users opted to chuckle it off, citing a “gender neutral TV host” and “Santa’s harassment trial:”

    British media previously reported of a rift over whether a council in Durham should replace Father Christmas with Mrs Claus on a charity parade. Independent councillor Arun Chandran in Newton Aycliffe stated at the time that Santa Claus “is a male role. Children will be expecting a male Santa. ” 

    In a parallel move in Scotland, a traditional Christmas treat, gingerbread men, have been banned from Scottish parliament due to them being “sexist”. For example, in a café in Holyrood, the landmark biscuits hit the shelves under the name “gingerbread persons”, prompting Annie Wells, equalities spokesperson for the Scottish Conservatives who called it a "pointless gesture".

    "Surely the Scottish Parliament has got better things to do than worry about what to call gingerbread men?” she said.



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