14:00 GMT25 November 2020
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    Any noise may ruin the tense atmosphere of a snooker match, which is normally held in complete silence, but some sounds may visibly change the mood of the players – in the naughtiest way possible.

    The UK Championship snooker match got heated up as Mark Allen, ranked seventh in the world, was taking on Basem Eltahhan in York.

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    Allen, who was ahead by two frames to one and up 76-1 in the fourth, bent down to take his shot, when all of a sudden a loud moaning, which could only be described as sex noise, filled the quiet auditorium.

    The player couldn’t resist chuckling, and moving away from the table to pull himself together; the epic interruption, although, didn’t stop him from defeating Egypt’s Eltahhan 6-2.

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    The noises are believed to be from a video played on a spectator’s phone, who was seemingly enjoying the match a bit too much.

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