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    According to Danielle Bazergy from Australia, she has always been found to look strikingly like the Duchess of Sussex, and this has effectively guaranteed pretty diverse employment for her in recent time.

    Danielle Bazergy, a Sydney-based personal trainer, told Sputnik that she met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they all attended a mental health event in Australia last week. “It was inspiring to see them be a part of and support such an amazing cause,” Danielle added. Prince Harry had to do a double-take, since Danielle bears a striking resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex.

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    SOBER FOR OCTOBER 🙅🏽‍♀️🍸 • For the month of October I’ll be losing the booze to help raise money for Life Education programs empowering kids around the country to make safe and healthy life choices! • Although I am not really a big drinker anyway, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to raise funds and awareness for a cause that’s close to my heart. I’m all about prevention of disease and illness — whether they be physical or mental — rather than a focus on curing down the track. In a society where we are continually looking for quick fixes, we often forget what a few simple preventative methods can do for us in the long run 🙌🏼 • @ocsober is a powerful fundraising initiative that allows Life Education (some of you might remember Healthy Harold — that program was run by these guys!) to continue to deliver health, drug and alcohol education programs to schools throughout Australia, while raising awareness of important issues facing young Australians. • From now until the end of October, I’ll be leaving a donations link in my bio for anyone that wishes to help me on this journey of hopefully making a difference to the lives of some young Australians. My DMs are always open if anyone has any questions about the campaign or wants to know about how they can get involved themselves! 💗 @ocsober #Ocsober #LoseTheBooze

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    According to the 22-year-old, she has been mistaken for Meghan Markle hundreds of times in recent years, ever since the latter starred in the hugely popular television series Suits. Danielle said comparisons never ceased, and she was even entrusted with some professional impersonator work to celebrate the couple’s big day last spring.

    Responding to Sputnik on if perpetual comparisons of that kind might be frustrating at times, Danielle asserted that this “definitely doesn’t get on my nerves.” “It’s a huge compliment,” she remarked, adding most emotionally:

    “I hear it almost daily and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it.”

    Earlier, the Daily Star reported she had done quite a few bits of impersonator work and “each time I’ve been treated like actual royalty,” the tabloid cited the woman as saying.

    “My favorite would've been when I modelled a replica of her wedding dress the day after their wedding,” she said, going on to outline her impressions after meeting the royals, who went on a visit to Australia, in person. 

    “They're both incredibly humble, witty and just grade A down-to-earth and easy-going people,” she shared, adding that Harry apparently couldn’t believe his own eyes as they came up and started chatting to Danielle.


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