02:49 GMT29 January 2020
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    A New York woman recently identified as Teresa Klein was filmed calling the cops on a nine-year-old boy this week, accusing him of purposely grabbing her derriere.

    Footage of the incident was uploaded onto Facebook by local resident Jason Littlejohn on Wednesday. The recording captures the events that took place in Brooklyn's Flatbush neighborhood after the woman initially called out the unidentified child at a local bodega and then proceeded to call the cops.

    "I want the cops here right now," Klein is heard telling the dispatcher in the recording. Within seconds, the accused young man bursts into tears, clinging to his mother in fear. "That's right, her son grabbed my ass, and she decided to yell at me."

    As Klein, who's sporting dark aviators and knee-high boots, continues to give her personal information to the local police station, a crowd begins to form outside of the Sahara Deli, imploring her to simply "go home."

    While many pedestrians try to comfort the upset child, others kept their attention focused on Klein. "Who would want to touch your flat ass? Get out of here!" one woman says. "Nobody wants to touch your flat ass!"

    Despite being told to leave, Klein sticks to her guns, telling authorities that she was "just sexually assaulted by a child." At one point in the recording, another concerned local, wearing a floral blue skirt, comes onto the scene and confronts Klein about her behavior.

    "Are you seriously calling the police?" the woman asks Klein. "Go away. What is your problem? I'm calling you out. You seriously just called the police on a child?"

    The pair are eventually pulled apart after another nearby local sees their conversation getting a little too heated. Additional footage shared by Littlejohn shows the aftermath of the altercation, with Klein leaving the bodega.

    Littlejohn told Sputnik on Friday that he was inside the store when Klein decided to unleash all hell. "I've never encountered anything like that before. I've always seen it on the internet, but it was the first time that I actually witnessed it and experienced it, like, first hand," he said, before stressing that Klein was falsely accusing the child. 

    Surveillance footage from the bodega shows the child walking past Klein as the bag he was carrying slightly brushed up against her. The child is seen making his way past the clerk counter, where Klein was standing, with his family.

    "I watched the kid walk past her with the bag he had in his hand… when his mother called him and he tried to grab [his mom's] hand, that's when the bag actually brushed up against [Klein], and then that's when, you know, everything got out of hand."

    "When she said, ‘He touched me,' that's when I was like, ‘Whoa, no he didn't,'" he added.

    Though Littlejohn indicated that he wasn't familiar with the family being pestered by Klein, he did reveal that Klein is known as "The Terminator" in the neighborhood because of the aviators she sports and her overall demeanor.

    "You just see her going to the store and back," Littlejohn said of Klein. "She doesn't talk to anybody or nothing."

    Littlejohn, who bestowed Kelin with the name "Cornerstore Caroline" in the recording, is currently working alongside other Flatbush residents to track down the family that Klein targeted in order to do something positive for the child.

    Some twenty minutes after Littlejohn's interview with Sputnik came to a close, he found himself in the presence of none other than The Terminator as he was riding in an Uber through the Brooklyn borough. Quick to act, he whipped out his phone and confronted Klein as she was being interviewed by reporters.

    This latest altercation comes after a Georgia woman called the cops on a black babysitter who was caring for white children, a situation she apparently found suspicious.


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