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    Norwegian Town Welcomes Public to 'Klansmen's Festival' Due to Missing Letter

    CC BY-SA 4.0 / Havstad112 / Kristiansand
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    It's unknown if the notable absence of a key letter from a local festival's Hollywood-style sign was due to the wind or vandalism.

    The Local Kristiansund Church Art Festival, which goes by the abbreviation KKKK, gained unsolicited attention when its sign, which is modeled after the iconic 'Hollywood' sign in Los Angeles, lost a letter. Casual observers were jolted to discover that the sign heralded the arrival of a KKK Festival, national broadcaster NRK reported.

    Today, the three K's are almost exclusively associated with the Ku-Klux-Klan, an American extremism movement embracing white supremacy, racism, violence and terror tactics, which numbered several million members at its peak in the mid-1920s. The KKK were known for their trademark white robes, pointed masks and propensity for burning crosses and lynching African-Americans; the contrast with the peaceful Norwegian religious festival could hardly be any starker.

    Where the extra 'K' went remains a mystery for both the festival organizers and the municipality of Kristiansund.

    "When the letters were set up, there were four K's. But during the night, one disappeared. Whatever happened, I don't know. It may be the wind, or it may be vandalism," Tore Lyngvær, communications manager for Kristiansund municipality, said.

    If it appears that the missing K was indeed an act of vandalism, the municipality will consider reporting the accident to the police.

    "I believe it was done on purpose. All publicity is good publicity. Now, all of Norway knows that the KKKK festival in Kristiansund is running," a user commented on NRK's Facebook page.

    Kristiansund Kirke Kunst Kulturfestival (KKKK) is nearly 20 years old. This year's event started on September 10 and will last through September 23.


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