23:59 GMT29 October 2020
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    The former California governor has long pushed for an end to gerrymandering, suggesting that only a Supreme Court decision could change the system.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is now raising money for four different state initiatives to terminate the process of drawing congressional districts in such a way as to give one party an electoral advantage, known as gerrymandering, “once and for all.”

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    The Hollywood star has launched a “crusade” to terminate gerrymandering, and promised to “fly one lucky supporter to Budapest to hang out with me on the set of Terminator.”

    The Terminator star, who has already garnered nearly $16,400 of his $20,000 goal, has taken his campaign to Twitter, having even created his own meme on the subject:

    Unsurprisingly, social media users couldn’t refrain from penning comments once he tweeted the meme, with one netizen even branding him the “Memeinator”:

    Others suggested that it was time to say goodbye to gerrymandering in an apparent allusion to the movie, Terminator:

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