15:39 GMT18 May 2021
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    Everyone, including Russia's Embassy in Washington, seems to have taken the opportunity to take a shot at the US president's new proposed Space Force logos.

    Late last week, Vice President Mike Pence detailed the creation of America's new Space Force, which is expected to become the sixth branch of the US Military and help ensure 'American dominance in space' by the year 2020 (or so it is planned). Meanwhile, the White House has put forward six new possible Space Force logo designs for Americans to vote on.

    Unsatisfied with what they believed was a lack of creativity in the logo designs, Twitter users took to Paint and Photoshop to come up with their own.

    Many of the designs seemed focused on the prospective military branch's expense.

    Even the Russian Embassy in Washington got in on the fun, posting a Russian Space Forces logo as if to point out that Russia got its own Space Forces, along with the accompanying logo, first. The Russian Space Forces are a subdivision of the Russian Aerospace Forces charged with ensuring Russia's air sovereignty, promoting aerospace early warning and operating the country's military satellites, including the GLONASS network.


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